How Thread is Made!

Questions like this plague mankind. Not really, but if you sew or quilt, you might have considered a time or two just how does that small spool of thread, so humble, make it to the store shelf? When I started working at Coats & Clark over a year ago, I was sent on a whirlwind tour of different manufacturing plants to learn how thread is made. I have sewn most all my life and never once did it cross my mind until I saw the processes, science, technology, skill, quality measures and care that go into every single spool under the Coats & Clark brand. It was fascinating!

I returned destined to tell one and all that Coats & Clark holds the world together with thread! Whether on the shelf at your favorite fabric store, or the string in your tea bag, thread is an integral part of our lives. Consider your clothes without thread? Thread holds together the airbag in your car, your shoes, mattresses and even major league baseballs, to name just a few items.

I ran to the phone and called my friends at Threads magazine. What a perfect title to tell the story of thread! In April, editors Deana Tierney and Judy Neukam boarded a plane in Connecticut and made their way to Charlotte, NC where we preceded to wow and dazzle them with both consumer and industrial thread-making information and tours at various manufacturing facilities. The results are on the newsstand today in the August/September issue of Threads magazine.

So, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge while learning a tidbit or two about an important sewing staple (after all, every sewing machine needs thread), pick up an issue or two. We think you’ll be amazed!

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