Jeans Jacket Wacky Birds and Wonky Flowers

Take a jean jacket from ordinary to extraordinary! 

This is a beginner project that only requires that you can thread a hand needle. Using a Coats thread for hand stitching will make it easy, because the glace finish on the thread prevents twisting and tangling. We are creating art, so you can’t go wrong!  The designs are provided for you to print as patterns. Find a comfy chair, put on some music and enjoy the peaceful process of cutting out and hand stitching the birds and flowers onto your jacket. Raw edge applique is a bit funky and looks best after washing.  Our finished photos show the jacket after it has been washed.

Fabric required:

Cotton scraps in the color of your choice

Purchased jean jacket

Hand Sewing needle- Size 6 or 7

Straight pins

Decorative buttons for flower centers and base

Decorative bead for bird’s eye


Coats All-purpose threads can be used, but our heavier threads designed for hand sewing make the stitches more defined and are fun to use because the special finish prevents knotting, tangling and fraying. Choose any of these:

Dual Duty Plus Hand Quilting thread 

A traditional favorite of hand quilters, this thread is slightly heavier than all-purpose thread so the stitches stand out. It is 25 wt and comes in 28 colors.

Coats Bold Hand Quilting thread 

As a 10 wt. thread, the Bold Hand Quilting thread is the heaviest hand quilting thread. It will definitely stand out in the crowd and show off your appliqued designs. Available in 17 colors.

Coats Button & Craft Thread

Another hand sewing thread, this thread is sold just about everywhere Coats thread is sold. It is very strong and great for buttons, but the glace finish and heavy weight make it great for big, prominent outline stitches.

Experiment with several threads and colors. They can even be combined to achieve the your desired design.


  1. Print the patterns given.

Wonky flowers-A

Wonky flowers-B

Wonky flowers-C

Wonky flowers-D

Wacky birds-A


  1. Cut out the flower pattern pieces.
  2. Pin the cut flower patterns on your fabrics and cut out the inner and outer flowers
  3. Pin the fabric flowers in place on your jacket. The precise positions will vary, depending on your jacket style and size.  Follow the photos to get a general idea of placement.


  1. Cut out the bird pattern pieces.
  2. Place them on your choice of fabric scraps and cut out.
  3. Assemble the finished bird following the small illustration on the bird pattern piece and pin in place on your jacket following the photograph.

Hand Quilting: 

  1. Thread a hand sewing needle. If you are using the heavier threads, you will need a larger needle–size 6 or 7. The working length of the thread should be about 18″.
  2. Stitch the appliqued flowers and birds in place. As you are stitching, be careful not to stitch pockets shut, etc.  We used a slightly larger running stitch, to give character and a bit of “funk” to the designs.
  3. Echo quilt around the flowers and birds by stitching a running stitch just outside the applique. Pull the thread ends to the wrong side and tie off.
  4. Finish off by adding the flower center circle, with a fun button in the center!
  5. Stitch on a bead, for the bird’s eye.

Thanks to Marie Duncan who created this fabulous project. Marie’s background in commercial art, writing and sewing machines is a perfect combination to keep pace with the exciting, ever changing sewing industry.  Retired from SVP Worldwide, Marie is a freelance designer, quilter, illustrator and writer.  Above all, she LOVES to sew!  And it shows in all she does!

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