Kid-Style Beach Wear to Sew

Kid Style Beach Wear Poncho

Kid-Style Beach Wear is super essential for protection from the sun’s summer rays. Isn’t it great that we can make our own?

The adorable Beach Towel Poncho I found on the Blue Closet blog is just charming! Plan a creative outing and take the kids to pick out their own poncho beach towels. They’ll love watching the transformation at home and, if they’re old enough, they can help you. It’s a great beginner sewing project!

Kid Style Beach Wear Poncho head opening

The Beach Towel Poncho is just the right size for a six to eight year old. For older or younger kids, you can easily resize and adjust the length, head opening and armhole. Cassaundra suggests an 8” opening for an eight year old and a 10” for a 10 year old, so you can size up or down from there. Be sure to try the towel/poncho over your child’s head before you continue stitching, just to be sure. The neck opening should be large enough to go over the head easily, but not fall off their shoulders.

Kid Style Beach Wear Poncho head & arm opening

One of the things I’ve learned about enlarging openings is that a little trim goes a long way. After several disasters, I now trim no more than 1/8” around an opening that I want to make larger. If that’s still not quite right, I try another 1/8” and repeat until it’s just right. Along with the head and arm, you’ll want to leave a side slit at the bottom of your Beach Towel Poncho. Cassaundra suggests anywhere from 5” to 12”, so you may want to do a “fitting” try on and mark a good length on the side. Kid-Style Beach Wear should be comfy and customized!

Kid Style Beach Wear Poncho hemmed

The tutorial offers three options for finishing the neck edge. Apply one of these to all edges of the Beach Towel Poncho and you’ll be done!

  • Fold the raw edge over and machine stitch as Cassaundra did. Because terry tends to ravel, I would zigzg or serge the raw edge first.
  • Blanket binding or bias fold trim. This would be a creative way to add a contrasting pop of color, too.
  • Serge the raw edge. The fastest finish of all! Use a four thread overlock with a fairly short stitch length to best cover the terry cloth edge.

Click here for the Beach Towel Poncho tutorial.

Kid Style Beach Wear hat finished

For your littlest sun babies, Kid-Style Beach Wear must include this adorably practical Tulip Petal Sun Hat from the Cottage Mama blog. You’ll need just 1/2 yard each of two coordinating cotton fabrics, two buttons – one large, one small and thread. Choose a spool of fabulous Coats Dual Duty thread that will work well for both fabrics.

Kid Style Beach Wear hat pieces

This is a six petal hat, so you’ll be cutting six from the inner fabric and six from the outer fabric. If your child is older than the two – five year old the hat is designed for, you’ll find a suggestion for enlarging the petals if needed. If you don’t want a petal shape, this is the time do make a modification to your pattern. You could change the rounded petals to points or create a wedge shape for variety. Four long rectangles for the hat ties will be cut, also.

Kid Style Beach Wear hat petal sections sewn

The crown of the Tulip Petal Sun Hat is sewn by a quick-slick method that works delightfully well. Stitch two petals right sides together from top to bottom, then sew one more petal to the side of the pair, so that you have an assemblage of three petals. Set those aside, make a second set of three petals and put the two sets right sides together, points matching. Now sew from one edge to the other. This is a super easy way to get your center points to match and you will love it! Click here for the Tulip Petal Sun Hat tutorial.

Okay, you’re ready for the last step: Put Kid-Style Beach Wear on children, admire, squeal with joy and head for the beach!

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