Knee Pad Pants Tutorial to Knock Out Hole-y Knees

We’ve all seen it — a fresh pair of pants seemingly ruined after a playful crawl across the carpet or a too-quick fall to the ground. Never consider tossing out a pair of pants because of a simple hole in the knee again — bring in the reinforcements with some awesome knee pads! Check out this tutorial on how to make pants for a girl or boy and add knee pads as a style accent and much needed protection.

Check out this awesome knee patch project to repair kids pants.
Today’s tutorial comes from one of our favorite sewing blogs, Made. The site features some great tutorials from Dana, a mom that knows her way — and then some — around a sewing machine. If you’ve made your way through your holiday sewing list and want a break from the machine, she also has some great recipes & craft projects worth trying on her site. It’s jam-packed with original tutorials including projects for parents, babies, kids, home decor, bags, and holiday sewing — and even a whole section specific to craft & sewing techniques! It’s a must-see blog, so take some time to explore it all.
Check out this awesome knee patch project to repair kids pants. Check out this awesome knee patch project to repair kids pants.
Now, why do we love this tutorial for you? We love the stripe pattern created with stitching across the width of these patches aesthetically, and we also love the extra reinforcement it provides. If a hole forms in one part of the pad, the stitching will keep it from spreading across, and you can go crazy with a stitched pattern that goes with your pair of pants. If your machine has free motion capabilities, we can see some really creative pattern possibilities! If you’ll be doing free form stitching or going over your stitches a lot, we recommend a lighter thread so that your patch doesn’t become too dense, but keeps its strength in the end, such as the Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP General Purpose or Fine.

Check out this awesome knee patch project to repair kids pants.
Dana has some great options for making pants from scratch, with various styles for boys and girls. You can also follow the same knee pad instructions to add pads to an existing pair of pants that already has a hole or might need extra help soon. As long as you have some flexibility in the leg room to slide the pant leg into your machine, you can always add pads later; if you’re in need of a new pair of pants then it’s easiest to add them before they’re constructed.

Check out the full tutorial for Knee Pad Pants on the Made blog!

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  1. Bliss Foster Reply

    Whoa! These are intense! These would look cool on pants that weren’t even in need of a stitch. They kind of have a Ninja Turtles vibe to them as well.

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