Land-Dweller to Mermaid in 30 Minutes Flat

Mermaid Skirt DIYTired of making the same basic skirts over and over? Check out this super simple sewing tutorial for a mermaid skirt that can be completed in just a half hour. It’s so easy to sew with knits if you build up the courage to get started, so follow along this tutorial from The Girl Inspired, and we know you’ll be inspired, too!

If your little one loves mermaids, she’s sure to love this skirt for a chance for dress-up on an everyday basis. It’s also perfect for stocking up a dress-up drawer, especially if you can get your hands on some fun knits with ocean-inspired patterns. Fish scales, perhaps? And with a start-to-finish time of only 30 minutes, it’ll be easy to stock up!

DIY Mermaid SkirtFor sewing with a stretchy knit and jersey knits, based off a natural material (cotton, namely), use a ballpoint needle so it’ll glide between the soft fibers without snipping any threads. If you’re opting for a costume material such as spandex or Lycra, go for a regular stretch needle, as this will pierce between those firmer fibers easier without sticking. Gathering for the ruffle is easy using your longest straight stitch length (also known as a gathering stitch), then gently pulling on one of the threads to pull in the material into a ruffle. If you have a ruffling foot, then it’ll do it for you!

Mermaid SkirtWhile this skirt is perfect for a little girl, how could this be modified for an adult, too? We can see this same style in a lined voile for an elegant look for dressier moments, or as-is with a stretch knit for a fun twist on a casual skirt.

Find the full tutorial for this cute mermaid skirt over at The Girl Inspired!


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