Leather DIYs from Almost Makes Perfect

In my opinion it’s always leather season (decoration-wise), but I just pulled out my leather jacket again and remembered it was time to write another leather post! Leather doesn’t just warm your body but it also warms your house. Check out our favorite leather DIYs from Almost makes perfect. If you ask me, these leather projects are perfect!

Leather iPad Case from Almost Makes Perfect











I love how sleek this white leather iPad case is. You don’t see white leather around very much, but when you do, it’s glorious.

Leeather Luggage Tag from Almost Makes Perfect











Everyone needs a luggage tag, and yours will be the classiest one around.

Leather Cabinet Pulls from Almost Makes Perfect











Wouldn’t you love to cop a feel of that leather every time you opened your cabinet? Not to mention, these cabinet pulls make for the perfect minimal look.

Leather Wine Rack from Almost Makes Perfect via Design Sponge
















We all love a good PVC project. This wine rack blends the best of both material worlds: PVC and leather!

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