Lickity-Split No-Sew Necklace

Turn your favorite state into an adorable necklace with this super easy DIY.

Just about everybody has an affection for the place they call home. I’ve lived in the beautiful state of Georgia for my entire life. While I’m not pushy about it, I do love my state an awful lot. This awesome little no-sew project helps me celebrate my beautiful home state using my newfound craft love: Phoomph! If you’ve been looking at any of my articles for the past few weeks, you can see I’ve gotten a little obsessed with this stuff. Well this project is quick, easy, and so very satisfying! Here, we, go!

Turn your favorite state into an adorable necklace with this super easy DIY.

First things first! Print out your template here: Georgia!

Water- Soluble marker
32” long x 1.5” wide scrap of fabric
2 contrasting fabric scraps (enough to cut out your state)
Georgia template
2 Grommets and tool

Step 1: Using a tracing table (or a window that gets good sunlight will do
just fine!) tape your template to the surface and trace the outline onto
your fabric using the water-soluble marker.

Step 2: Peel off one side of the Phoomph and lay the tracing down,
making sure to avoid getting any bumps or wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with your contrasting fabric on the opposite side.

Step 4: Carefully cut out your shape.

Step 5: Apply two small grommets at the top as shown.

Step 6: I chose to fold my necklace in half and do a quick running stitch
along the edge. This step is not necessary and you could always just cut
your width at ¾” instead of 1½”.

Step 7: Thread your necklace through the grommets and you’re done!
*Don’t live in Georgia? You can easily create this project for your own
state by doing a quick google image search and tracing the outline in the
same manner!

Happy Phoomphing! Yeah!

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One thought on “Lickity-Split No-Sew Necklace

  1. Sarah Reply

    I LOVE this project! I’m a sucker for all projects that pay homage to your home town or state (just finished a string art in the shape of Georgia, in fact), and this is too cute. What do you use for cutting out the Phoomph — do regular sewing scissors work? I’ve never used this product but am eager to try it out.

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