Little Monster Projects for Your Sweet Little Monsters


Monsters are pretty hot stuff with kids, big and little, these days. There are the huge, friendly monsters in popular animated movies.  And the little, crazy pocket size monsters many of us are chasing all over this summer. That means Little Monster projects like grinning monster bibs, tooth monster pillows and crayon gobbling craft tote pockets are spot on for this Summer!

Let’s talk fabric to start with. The tutorials I found use several different fabrics, but I definitely suggest that you use something fluffy. Because monsters are fluffy, right?! Flannel, fleece, chenille or super-soft plush are the perfect choices for pet-able, lovable monsters.

Little Monster projects bib finished 2

I’m over the moon with this whimsical bib designed by Lisa of the Stubbornly Crafty blog! It meets all the criteria for a bib – cute, practical, easy to sew and cute (again!). Lisa wrote a nice, clear tutorial for you to follow and the supplies are pretty basic.

The eyes and teeth of your Little Monster Bib are made of felt and fused to the bib base. Use a pressing cloth between your iron and the poly felt so you don’t melt your monster’s features! If you’ve ever had trouble separating the paper backing from your fusible web, you’ll love Lisa’s almost foolproof method!

Little Monster projects bib troop

There are lots of possibilities for fabric combinations on this too cute bib. Solids and prints can all be used and the teeth don’t have to be white. Would a monster have white teeth? Whatever you choose, this bib is sure to be a hit, so I’d advise you to stitch up a whole herd of Little Monster Bibs. Click here for Lisa’s tutorial and a link to the patterns she’s included for you.

Little Monster projects tooth pillow empty

My young niece and I were chatting about the merits of tooth fairies recently and this one definitely fits their fine and fun characteristics! This Tooth Monster Pillow has a delightful pocket that will gobble up your little’s newly fallen tooth. The morning reward will be whatever his/her helper tucks inside the toothy pocket. So cool!

Little Monster projects tooth pillow finished

Although, the pillow was intended for boys by it’s designer Ellen of The Long Thread, it could be made in any “gender” and all your littles will love it. “Me want tooth!” I can hear it saying! Click here for Ellen’s tutorial and the link to her PDF pattern.

Little Monster projects crayon tote with little

And, finally, we have a Little Monster who loves to devour crayons! Thankfully, it’s a cooperative monster whose mission is to be a colorful place for your child to store their drawing tools. And, they can carry books and paper in his attached tote. You can make your own tote for the Monster Crayon Pocket or purchase a tote and add the pocket. Wouldn’t this be terrific added to a child-size craft apron, too?!

Little Monster projects crayon tote pocket

Designer Marigold has a wonderful method for marking evenly spaced stitching lines on your crayon pocket.  Be sure to read through before you start stitching – you’ll be very glad you did! Rather than felt, I think the tote would be best in canvas or fabric with more weight and strength. You’ll want this tote to hold up well for your own Little Monster after all! Click here for Marigold’s tutorial on her Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! blog. (Love that name!)

So, just to be clear . . . I really don’t think of children as Little Monsters. But . . .  there are those occasional moments when you may wonder if their ancestry includes a monster or two, right?! Have fun with these Little Monster projects. You’ll enjoy the sewing and whimsy and your sweet Little Monsters will be thrilled!

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