Live Happily Ever After with these Stuffed Animal DIYs

When we ran across these adorable stuffed animal tutorials from Hannah from We Lived Happily Ever After, we were pretty ecstatic. We can’t think of anything better than making the kids their own customizable stuffed animals for them to keep by their side for years to come. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a collection of homemade stuffed animals for them to pass down to their kids? We’ve rounded up five of Hannah’s stuffed animal tutorials that jumped out at us the most. We know your kids will feel awesome knowing that there isn’t another stuffed animal out there like their buddy! Get creative and add special touches to individualize the animals based off of your kids’ interests! Happy sewing!

Loch Ness Monster from We Lived Happily Ever After

















Who says the Loch Ness Monster has to be scary? This friendly big guy is the perfect size for scaring off the bad guys and riding away into the sunset!

Seahorse from We Lived Happily Ever After





















Seahorses are just inherently cute and happy little creatures, so why not make one specially designed for snuggling? Find out how here!

Walli the Whale from We Lived Happily Ever After










Staying true to the underwater theme, Walli the Whale will keep your little ones company wherever they are!

Penguin from We Lived Happily Ever After











Everyone needs a buddy from the Arctic! This cute penguin knows how to keep the kids warm every night!

Tee Shirt Manatee from We Lived Happily Ever After















Not only is this manatee adorable but it’s also made from a t-shirt! An upcycle project has never looked so cute.

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