Milky Way Paper Piecing Quilt Along- Assembly

It’s time to put it all together!  To finish our Quilt Along, Designer Cheryl Adam has instructions for adding the sashing and borders to the beautiful galaxy of paper pieced stars.

Assembly and Finishing Instructions

It’s the LAST BLOCK in our Quilt Along and it is a beauty! Here’s Block 5:

Block 5
Block 5

From designer Cheryl Adam: Our last block is the biggest and brightest star with many planets circling it, much like our own sun.  This may be the center of our new galaxy when our star dies.  Although it has lots of pieces it will go together easily if you follow the numbers and sew accurately.

Block 4 in our Milky Way Paper Piecing Quilt Along is a beauty with long points reaching out through the heavens.

Block 4
Block 4

Cheryl describes Block 4 this way: This star throws long beams of light out into the universe as it travels through the not so dark night sky.  Don’t let the skinny pieces scare you.  As long as you follow the sewing lines, it will turn out beautifully.

Download Here:

CS306-4 MilkyWay Block 4

Block 3 in our Milky Way Quilt along has a new color palette and is more challenging.

Milky Way Wall Hanging – Block 3

Here’s what Cheryl has to say about it:

This is the most complicated looking block so it must be the big important star in the sky.  Although there are lots of pieces, it will go together easily as long as you follow the numbers and color placement.

CS306-3 Milky Way-Block 3

How did your first block turn out? Be sure to post and tag #Coatsquiltalong so we can see your progress!  Drumroll, please! Here is Block 2.

Block 2

Cheryl Adam, designer of the Milky Way quilt, describes her inspiration for Block 2 this way:

This star is spinning through the universe trying to avoid collision with another space object.  This is a 4 patch block with each of the 4 sections being identical.  The stripped portion gives this block the appearance of movement.

CS306-1 Milky Way block 1

CS306-2 Milky Way block 2

The Milky Way Wall Hanging  was designed by Cheryl A. Adam. We asked Cheryl what was her inspiration for the design and why she selected paper piecing to create it.

“I love to be in the country, away from all the city lights, and gaze at the stars at night. They are so beautiful, white lights twinkling on the black sky-mesmerizing. Then you see some of the photos taken by NASA or the research telescopes and you realize the stars are dynamic, colorful pieces of nature’s art. Those photos are the inspiration for this quilt. I chose bright colors like the ones you see in the photographs and paper piecing allowed me to get the appearance of movement and complexity. I hope you will be challenged to make this quilt and also to go outside on a clear night and look up.” – Cheryl Adam

You do need to be familiar with foundation paper piecing to make these blocks. Want to learn what it is all about? Here is a video on – Paper Piecing.

This is also a great time to try Coats Paper Piecing thread. Coats Paper Piecing thread is fine, but strong. Because it is fine, it takes adds less bulk to seams so points are more accurate. In paper piecing, the stitch length is shorter to perforate the paper. A fine thread means you can shorten the stitch without causing puckering.  Coats Paper Piecing thread is 100% polyester. This means that stitches will not distort when you pull away the paper nor will the thread break.

So, gather your supplies and we will post the first block August 18th. Click here for the supply list and general instructions.  Get ready to share your progress, too. Tag posts, tweets, instagram pics with #coatsquiltalong.

CA_COA_CS306_thumbClick Here for the supply list. Milky Way Wall Hanging





Block 1


Block 1
Block 1








Visit for a video tutorial of Block 1:


Block 2








Block 3








Block 4  

Block 4
Block 4









Block 5    

Block 5
Block 5






Assemble & Finish


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