My Sparkle Crush: Mock Smocked Frock Tutorial

Mock Smocking Tutorial - Clothing for Kids

Follow along with us today as we feature a fantastic tutorial from My Sparkle blog on how to create your own mock smock frock — a beautiful garment for any age. We know — the name’s a bit of a tongue twister, but we promise that’s the only confusing part of this great tutorial!

Mock Smocking Tutorial - Clothing for Kids

This tutorial guides you through the steps to both create the beautiful wide “smocking”, and also to complete the full top which can be made longer as a dress or kept a little bit shorter for a great shirt. We love the striped pattern on the fabric, as the contrast where the smocking begins creates a great illusion to the eye. The stitching on top makes these pleats super sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about just tossing in the machine to wash, a great added bonus for handmade clothing.

Mock Smocking Tutorial - Clothing for Kids

How cute are those side buttons? We love rows of buttons, and any excuse to scout out some great buttons that will be on display is always welcomed. What’s great is that the construction is loose enough so your little one can slip it on without having to battle the buttons, but they make a beautiful accent to the garment. The self-made bias tape makes it so easy to finish off the top, so you don’t have to hassle with finishing seams on a curved edge like the sleeve — simply wrap in tape and you have edge-finishing and straps in one! We love making our own bias tape (all you need is your fabric and an iron!) for those opportunities where you need the tape to match exactly to your fabric.

Mock Smocking Tutorial - Clothing for Kids

We love this faux-smocking so much that we’re ready to put it everywhere! Where else would these make a great addition? We can see this on a beautiful bag or a whole line of sundresses for the warm months ahead!

Ready to see the full process for the pleated blouse? Visit My Sparkle for the beautiful tutorial!

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