New Eloflex Thread for Knits

Eloflex is a new, innovative thread from Coats & Clark that sews, soft, secure, stretchable seams in knit fabrics.

Special stitches or a serger are not required to achieve professional results.  Seams and hems will not pop when stretched because Eloflex expands with the fabric.

Kwik Sew K4182 Kwik Sew Images courtesy of the McCall Pattern Co. @copyright 2016

Eloflex is perfect for knit fabrics used in athleisure, cosplay costumes, swim suits, lingerie, and dance wear.  Use with knits, but also with fabrics like stretch denim or twill.

Use for sewing your own knit garments or for repairs or alterations. Have you ever tried to hem a knit skirt or T-shirt only to have it look stretched-out or wavy? Eloflex will make this a thing of the past.

Repairing a popped seam? Stitch it with Eloflex and ithe thread will stretch with the garment instead of breaking.

McCall’s ®M7214 Yaya Han Image courtesy of the McCall Pattern Co. @copyright 2016

Eloflex is 27 wt and can be used on the top and bobbin or in the needle and loopers of a serger. A size 11 ball-point or universal point needle is recommended. Eloflex is chlorine bleach resistant.

McCalls M7446 Images courtesy of the McCall Pattern Co. @copyright 2016

Eloflex is available in 21 colors, 225 yards on a parakeet colored snap spool.

Eloflex is now in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

I’ve sewn knits and swimwear for years and Eloflex is the most revolutionary thing I’ve ever seen. It stretches and snaps back to shape and can be used in your bobbin, too. Not at all like the elastic threads of old, this is fabulous stuff. Love, love, love this thread!!- Annette Millard,

15 thoughts on “New Eloflex Thread for Knits

  1. Martha Reply

    Love this idea. So a regular straight stitch will work? When winding bobbin do you need to do anything different?
    Can’t wait to try it. Thanks

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Eloflex can be used like a sewing thread on top and when winding the bobbin. Winding the bobbin a little slower, the same as with polyester threads, would be a good practice.

  2. dragons4Mama Reply

    Looks interesting. For only 21 colors, how about a color card on the web site, not just the drop-down list of the color names? I’d like to see the colors (even if it’s on my monitor, which I know isn’t 100% accurate) without having to drive to a JoAnn’s (and then find out that it’s not in stock yet)

  3. Carol Vick Reply

    Where can we buy this and what is the suggested retail price?

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Hi Carol,
      The MSRP is $2.99. It is in our thread fixtures at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores in the specialty thread section. It will soon be in Hobby Lobby in individual boxes on a clip strip hanging in the notions area.

  4. Janis Bowman Reply

    I will be anxious to try this thread as I have been sewing for some 60 yrs. I agree Dragons4mama I would like to see a color card. Joann’s is far enough away from my home that it’s out of the way for most of my travel.

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      A stretch stitch can be used with Eloflex. It actually improves the recovery of the fabric after it is stretched.

  5. Carol Hankwitz Reply

    The nearest JoAnn’s is 90 miles. Can I order it from Coats ? PLEASE ?

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Yes you can!! We accept phone orders through our consumer service department. Call (800)648-1479. It is also available on line from

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Hi Diane, Eloflex is made from 100% Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

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