New Phoomph gives Fabric Oomph!

phoomphsoft200 phoomphstiff200We have a new product for fabric crafting that is so fun and easy to use– you will love it! It’s called Phoomph for Fabric. The first question everyone asks is “How do you pronounce it?”  Okay– Say “oomph” now put an ‘F’ sound in front of it. That’s it!

Phoomph makes adding fabric to crafts fast & easy and fun for all ages. Phoomph is a fabric bonding sheet with adhesive on both sides. No ironing is required so it is safe for kids to use.  Just Peel, Cover and Cut!



There are two textures– Soft and Stiff. soft is flexible and can adapt to the shape of your project.  Stiff can stand alone to create 3-dimensional shapes. Phoomph is available in 8 colors adding even more design possibilities. Select a color to coordinate or contrast with your project and the cut edges will add an accent color.


Because fusing is not required, this means Phoomph can be used on a wide variety of materials. Delicate fabrics, paper, wood, feathers– no problem with Phoomph!

Die cut machines can also be used to cut Phoomph. It is the same process– Peel away the backing, cover with fabric, select your die and cut!

Phoomph is made partially from recycled post consumer waste and is acid and lignin free.

Watch this video and see how easy it is to use:


Phoomph Key Fob

Here are two projects to inspire you:

Flower Balls
Flower Balls
Bird Mobile
Bird Mobile

7 thoughts on “New Phoomph gives Fabric Oomph!

  1. Kristy Reply

    I was just thinking about a product like this a few days ago. I wanted to cover some old picture frames with fabric and I was wondering if there was some type of double-sided adhesive paper to use with fabric. Can’t wait to give it a try. I may even be able to use it with some of my wheelchair products I make for my business.

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