Organize with Embroidered Labels plus Sewing Basket Giveaway

We want to continue to share the progress in our new Sewing Lab at Coats & Clark. So far we have added a few accessories and now we are trying to get organized.


” A place for everything and everything in its place” is our goal, so we decided to add labels as reminders of where things go and where they should be returned to!  We asked Rebecca Kemp Brent to digitize the font that is being used for our new website (We hope you have checked it out!) Rebecca then embroidered labels using the “make it” theme– Sew It, Cut It, Press It, Quilt It, etc.  She wanted to embroider “Stuff It” for the batting and fiberfill, but we nixed that!

white fabric

To create our labels, we used our fabric bonding sheet, Phoomph. This made it easy to mount the labels on fun fabrics and then adhere to boxes, bins and drawers in the lab. Here’s how we did it:

You will need:

Phoomph for Fabric, Stiff- 2 sheets will make 8 labels

Coats Polyester Embroidery Thread-1 spool to coordinate with fabric

White cotton fabric

Print coordinating fabrics- We used fabrics from FreeSpirit True Colors by Heather Bailey


1. Embroider labels*

2. Cut one sheet of Phoomph into quarters, 4 1/2″ x 6″. Cut each quarter in half- 2 1/4″ x 3″.  Remove the paper backing from one side of each piece and adhere to the wrong side of a rectangle of fabric slightly larger than the phoomph.  Trim the fabric to the same size as the piece of Phoomph using a rotary cutter for best results.

3. From the second sheet of Phoomph, cut eight 2″ x 3 1/2″ rectangles. Place the embroidered fabric embroidered side down on a flat surface. Remove the backing one side of the phoomph, center it over the embroidery and stick it to the embroidery.  Trim the embroidery to the same size as the Phoomph rectangle using a rotary cutter for the best results.

Hint: When trimming the fabric, cutting away a thin sliver of the Phoomph at the same time will result in a smoother edge that will not ravel.

fabric and words mounted on phoomph

4. Remove the backing from the embroidered fabric, center the embroidery on the fabric covered Phoomph and stick it to the fabric.

5. To mount the label, remove the backing from the Phoomph on the back of the fabric and adhere to any surface.

We are thrilled with the results!


*Our embroidery was stitched using a computerized sewing and embroidery machine. Most of these machines have a built- in alphabet options. Labels could also be stitched using the alphabet letters on your sewing machine. Phoomph adhere’s to paper, so labels could be printed from your computer using the font of your choice and adhered to the fabric backing.  We asked Rebecca for some tips for embroidering small letters and here is what she recommended:

Tips for Embroidering Small Letters

  • Choose a font optimized for small letters. In general, the best fonts are simple, without serifs and decoration.
  • Always stitch a sample or two to test the sewing attributes of the embroidered letters.
  • Lowering the needle thread tension can help prevent pulling the bobbin thread to the embroidery right side.
  • Lower the stitch density; in other words, adjust the design so there are fewer stitches per inch.
  • Choose a fine thread; machine embroidery threads usually work well for lettering, but Dual Duty XP Fine can also be a good choice.
  • Use a cut-away stabilizer under the embroidery, especially if the fabric is a knit or textured weave.
  • Add a water-soluble topper over the fabric to keep the small letters from sinking into the fabric.



266 thoughts on “Organize with Embroidered Labels plus Sewing Basket Giveaway

  1. Jocelyn Reply

    My favorite “go to” tool has to be my Rotary Cutter. I use it to cut fabric, trim blocks , even cut threads on chain stitching. It’s a tool that has made a world of difference in my sewing and quilting.

    • Janice Burton Reply

      Carmen Don’t get discouraged because you have to use the seam ripper at lot. I have been sewing for over 50 years : do wedding dresses and formal gowns and the seam ripper is still one of my favorite. We started out using razor blades ( lots of cuts and band aids with them).

    • rebecca Reply

      My first thought was my seam ripper too! I have been sewing forever and at first I usually used it for mistakes, then it turned into an everything tool. Best thing ever invented and first thing I grab when I buy clothes to rip out those scratchy tags!

  2. Cindy Reply

    My go to notion would have to be my measuring tape. I have one of those great retractable ones that fit in you pocket, and it goes with me, almost all the time!

  3. Sara Ruiz Reply

    this idea is great!!! i need make this in my craftroom!! tks for all!!!!!!!
    and i love the products!! coats & clark are the best and the dritz products are the beast company!!!!

  4. Jeannie Reply

    My go to accessory is very sharp scissors, trying to cut anything with less than sharp is so frustrating! I’m somewhat still a beginner to sewing so would love to have a chance to win this gift package. All stuff I need and will use!

  5. Christine H Reply

    I must own at least 12 of the six inch seam gauges. I have them all over the house in my various project bags for knitting sewing and crocheting.

  6. Marilyn Riffkin Reply

    I use my seam ripper to rip out hems and seams as well as to clean the brushes of my robot vacuum cleaner. It is my handiest and most versatile sewing tool.

  7. Karen in Texas Reply

    My go-to notion has to be the six inch sewing gauge with sliding marker. . I use it for everything from the smallest thread crochet, to quilting a king-size cover. I hem with it, pin with it and narrow press with it!

  8. connie from St. Louis Reply

    It has to be my supply of Coats Thread, I have drawers of it in just about every color I need. Of course when there is thread there must be a seam ripper sometimes that 1/4″ seems to move a bit.

  9. Barbara Reply

    I have two go-to items, and one may be a surprise to many. My Silhouette Cameo is cutting out the patterns and fabric for small projects that I design in the Studio software. Being able to design and let the machine do the cutting is a huge help for my arthritic hands. Not that I’d ever give up my Gingher scissors!My other go-to items are my long-used pattern weights made with rubber chair or cane tips, weighted with pennies, and sealed shut with heavy card stock, with felt on their bottoms.

  10. sharah blankenship Reply

    My go to notion is my seam ripper! It seems I’m always sewing a little faster than I’m thinking! I splurged at a half off sale and bought an erogonomic one, and it really helps!

  11. Mary Reply

    Great idea. My favorite sewing notion is the Jean-a-ma jig – great for sewing over thick seams.

  12. Debra M Connis Reply

    My favorite go to notion is: wash away wonder tape. I use it anytime that I need a good and neat 1/4″ seam. I have used it on hems, curtains, table runners, and other items.

  13. Pauline Reply

    I am 70 years old and it Is never too old to sew. I am taking my first custom fitting/sewing class and I would love to win the Dritz sewing supplies. Thank you.

  14. Lynne Tilley Reply

    My go-to notion would be my seam ripper. I really need a good thread nipper, though. My daughter swears by them, and I only use a small pair of scissors which can be awkward.

  15. Janet Reply

    I always have handy the seam ripper. It is so sharp and always gets those little tiny stitches that can start my seam ripping out.
    I hope I win!

  16. Barbara Reply

    I just bought a new sewing/embroidery/quilting machine, and learning how to put pieces together. My grandmother always used Coats & Clark thread and that is what I am doing. It has always been the best and dependable thread she said. So, you can’t go wrong with what all the other generations have used. Granny knows best! Thank you Coats & Clark for your wonderful product as well as tutorials.

    • Cynthia Reply

      Barbara, what brand of machine did you purchase and do you like so far? I’m looking to purchase one myself.

  17. denise geiss Reply

    I just love this idea to make labels & it even gave me more ideas to decorate the labels using my embroidery machine to give it a even more punch. Thanks for the idea so I can get rid of the old plain paper labels. Love this.

  18. Della Carr Reply

    I love all my sewing notions about the same. I cannot sew or embroider with out so many items. Many of which are items that need replacing. But probably my favorite are my very sharp sewing shears. I could not do anything at all without my cutting utensils…shears, rotary’s and snippers. They all really earn their keep around here.

  19. Sandy Dallas Reply

    It is hard to mention just one item since I sew/quilt/machine embroider most every day. I guess the one tool I use quite often is the flat 6″ measuring ruler with the slide. It is so handy in all the different types of sewing.

  20. Blossom Reply

    One of my favorite sewing notions is my hem gauge. It’s metal so I can fold fabric over it, and iron it to the right depth easily.

  21. Vicky P Reply

    I love my rotoray cutter and can not imagine working with out it now that it is such a big part of my sewing.

  22. Pam S Reply

    I can’t imagine a project more fun than creating a sewing lab! I enjoyed reading about it. My go-to notion is a tie between my rotary cutter and my seam ripper. Thanks for the fun!

  23. Chris Reply

    I have several but I love a good seam ripper, my ham is essential, sharp pins, tape measure, pin cushion, a radio of course.

  24. Sunnybec Reply

    I couldn’t do without my rotary cutter but have also found the ThimblePads something I really couldn’t do without, I can’t use a thimble so these pads are fabulous…love them!

  25. Christine Reply

    My most used tools are my rotary cutter and seam ripper. I’m always wondering about notions that I see and how I would use them, but I don’t often buy any of them. What a lovely sewing room & giveaway!

  26. Linda Craig Reply

    I make over 50 quilts a year for Julie’s Mission and I could not live without my rotary cutter. The quilts are used to top incubators in hospital neonatal intensive care units.

  27. Janie Reply

    My rotary cutter is my go to accessory. The sewing lab is moving right along and looks great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Rebecca Reply

    Fun idea for organizing. My go-to sewing item is still my tape measure. I’ve been sewing for about 50 years, starting with a tape measure, and still use it frequently.

  29. Deby at So Sew Easy Reply

    My go-to sewing notion right now is Wonder Tape. I’m using it in so many places instead of pins. Great for holding zips in place, keeps them flatter than pins. Great for keeping layers together where its too thick for my pins. Doesn’t gum the needle. It has so many uses. Thanks for the giveaway. The new sewing room is looking so lovely.

  30. Jo Reply

    I have these wonderful rubber finger tip thimbles with bumps on them that I will not hand sew or hand quilt without they are the most comfortable thimble I have ever used

  31. Elaine Reply

    A super sharp pair of shears and multi-purpose SHARP pins and needles, followed by good quality thread. Thanks for this website and for this opportunity.E.

  32. barbara schultz Reply

    one of my go to tools is my purple Thang tool… for holding the short last bit of fabric being stitched, for passing under the needle at the start of sewing to move the thread to the back, plus it has a 1/4″ end. I’d love to win the tools and notions giveaway!

  33. Dita Reply

    Seam ripper… Haha I do make mistakes, so I am happy to have seam ripper! It’s good to know that I have a second chance to be able to fix the seam.

  34. drMolly Reply

    My absolute necessary “notion” is my Ott lights – of I should say are my Ott lights. I have an eye disorder that makes it difficult for me to see without LOTS of light & these lights let me sew & craft as much as I want.

  35. Lila Reply

    I have bookcases in my sewing room-not just for all of my sewing books, of which I have a lot, but also for materials and for yarns. Keeps them handy and visible.

  36. Carey ~ Gypsy Thread Reply

    Great ideas & fabulous giveaway. I do so need a new tailor’s ham & seam roll!
    Some of my favorite sewing tools are repurposed items from around the house. Chopsticks, for example, are great at turning corners and tubes.

  37. Sara Haaf Reply

    Well, I guess I would be nowhere without a needle and thread. I am fairly beginner, so really not knowledgeable about the best stuff for different things.

  38. Donna Northrop Reply

    There are two go-to items that I deem essential when working any sewing project: a trusty ruler and my iron. Accurate measurements ensures a perfect end-product; the iron gives a professional appearance to any item. Would love to have the wonderful basket of sewing goodies!

  39. Beth Reply

    I have a roll up travel case that when you unroll it, there are 3 smaller zippered bags attached with velcro. These smaller bags are great for keeping my quilting supplies organized and ready to go when I am.

  40. Sharon Reply

    Those yellow headed quilting pins are one of my favorite tools. I don’t even use “regular” pins anymore. They are easy to grab, sharp, easy to maneuver and useable in sewing, blocking, cake decorating, sculpting, and quilting among many others.

  41. Debra Kay Neiman Reply

    I don’t know how I lived without my rotary cutter… Probably the one tool that improved my quilting the most. New follower. I am having fun finding new bloggers to follow…love sewing and quilting. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      You are our winner!! You will receive an email shortly with more information.

  42. Sue K Reply

    I have a small tin I carry with me in the car when we are on a short/long trip. I have all the necessary tools to sew a binding, hand applique, etc. Pins, needles, scissor, thread, band aids, etc.

  43. Barb N Reply

    I LOVE that bobbin box. I have one but need another. It keeps the bobbin all tidy so you don’t have stray threads flying every which direction, and the bobbins are right at your fingertips when you need them. Excellent!

  44. Julie Barkley Reply

    My favorite go to sewing notion would have to be my Gingher 3 1/2 inch embroidery scissors! I will not let anyone else in the family touch them and store them in their original box until I need them again!

  45. Jacklynn Grimm Reply

    My sister Nan, also a quilter, gave me an awesome hand-turned stiletto she got at a craft show, made out of cherry wood. Good for poking corners and keeping my fingers away from the needle. Thanks for the give away!

  46. Teckla Buller Reply

    My favorite notion is my Purple Thang! I use it all the time. My seam ripper would probably be second! And I have a new page to add to my Favorites! Thanks!

  47. Eileen Meyers Reply

    I love my rotary cutter and could not sew without it! It makes cutting everything from quilt pieces to clothing and everything else much easier. I think it is one of the best “inventions” to aid sewers. Even my husband has used my “nicked” and dull blades for cutting things in his shop!

  48. Cleary Kipe Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win. My Go-To would have to be my rotary cutter and my seam ripper can’t live with out them 🙂

  49. Cheryl Reply

    I really love my rotary cutter. I use it everyday to cut just about everything in my sewing room. Ribbons, threads, fabric etc. Love, love, love it. I am happy to say that even my husband uses the rotary cutter I bought for him. He works with leather and he really like his also. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Bernadette Martin Reply

    My most needed “notion” came as part of my sewing machine…walking foot. I ALWAYS have even seams. Along with that are my tiny scissors which I use to rip seams. Thank you.

  51. Angela P Reply

    I couldn’t live without my dritz disappearing ink marking pen. I only recently starting using it.. and love it. I’d be lost without it.

  52. venita Reply

    My go to notion would be my rotary cutter. I just got out my Dritz pressing sleeve ham 2 days ago to use. I have had it for about 50 yrs

  53. Joanie tarala Reply

    I can’t wait to try oomph, new to me so I have an adventure waiting for me.
    The tool I love most is my rotary cutter, it has made quilting fun….

  54. Liz C Reply

    My go-to notion is a small pair of sharp scissors, sliding gauge and the clips that hold better then pins in some cases. and since I am notion crazy I have my tackle box next to me with other notions I might need.

  55. Janice DeC Reply

    I love my Dritz Ezy-Hem template. I recently had to buy a new one because after years of use the numbers were fading on the old one.

  56. Sherry Reply

    I still use the ruler with slide that I started with when I was 10 years old. Hardly a day goees by that it is not out and being used in my sewing room. Alittle worn after all these 50 years, but still going strong, I couldn’t sew without it. I love the new Phoomph. Great product!!!!

  57. Louise Reply

    Such a great idea, will have to give this new item a try for sure. I think that my go to notion would be my rotary cutter, it is revolutionary to cutting and time saving!

  58. Linda Reply

    I need my seam ripper. What a great tool…(that’s not such a great sign of my sewing skills, I guess).

  59. Becs T Reply

    I love my handy snips which are always the first tool out of the box but my rotary cutter comes in a close second!

  60. Barb Reply

    Definitely my rotary cutter, and the seam ripper. Both accomplish the same task, and are used almost equally by me.

  61. Jeannine Reply

    I have quilting rulers in every size plus my rotary cutter. I use them for all sewing projects at one time or another.

  62. Bonnie Abbott Reply

    Four things I can’t sew without are ripper, small curved scissors , stiletto,and a very sharp, small tweezers. With these things, I can do anything quilts!

  63. KathyB Reply

    I love my magnetic pin “cushion” – And I have a love-hate relationship with the seam ripper. The whole time I use it, I hear my home ec teacher’s voice in my mind saying, “The seam ripper is your friend.” (That was more years ago than I can count, but it still taunts me loudly and clearly!)

  64. Teckla Buller Reply

    My Purple Thang! It’s my most go to tool! Then my snipping scissors and my ripper!

  65. Cindy Reply

    I am just starting to sew again after many years, so I am constantly impressed by all the new gadgets. I have to say I still need to use the seam ripper way too much.

  66. alis Reply

    My go-to right now is a seam ripper, mostly because I’m a beginner who can’t sew a straight line!

  67. Cathy Reply

    I have to say, coming from the era of coffee can lid patterns and scissors, my favorite tools are my rotary cutter and my rulers! Thanks!

  68. Donna Miller Reply

    My favourite go to notion is the 6 inch metal ruler. I still have my original one from my school days and 4 others. They are always within reach for sewing and quilting.

  69. Colleen Liming Reply

    I’ve been sewing for for about 75 years … began in home ec class years ago. My favorite item is no doubt the thread cutter on my machine. There are many others, but this one stands out. Of course the iron is a must.

  70. Martha Reply

    It’s a toss-up among my pointy-ended embroidery scissors, my handy little 6-inch ruler, and my iron. All so crucial for a great garment!

  71. Gail Reply

    1st time checking out this site by coats and Clark and love it. Not my go to notion but a cant do with out is a bodkin. No more safety pins to come undone when running something thru a casing.

  72. Ardis Reply

    I love the ideas here, especially like the sewing machine cover. I sew Tahitian and Hawaiian dance costumes for my childrenʻs Polynesian dance competitions and performances. So, my favorite accessory is my Ezy Pull Bodkin for threading elastic through yards of material. (Although my rotary cutter and mats are a close second for cutting yards of materials quickly!)

  73. Robin Reply

    My favorite thing would have to be my Granny’s pincushion, and unfortunately, my seam ripper!

  74. Diana Reply

    My go to accessory is my rotary cutter, I couldn’t imagine trying to cut my fabric without it.

  75. Pegi I Reply

    I am just starting to work on my new craft room and this would be a good start to new supplies! Right now my fav go-to is my good shears. Can’t do much without em’.

  76. Beverly Reply

    My “go To” tool is by far my 6″ gauge ruler. I have several and even carry on in my purse. Next to that would be my Dritz rotary cutter

  77. Rosemary Miller Reply

    I think my greatest notion is graph paper. I usually design my own quilts, so the first thing is to draw my pattern on graph paper then keep tweaking it until I get just what I want. Sometimes it gets drawn several times before it is how I want it, then I have to figure out how many of each color and if it will be plain or printed but the main thing is using the graph paper, a ruler, and a pen or pencil.

  78. Patricia Carroll France Reply

    I don’t know how I sewed and cut without my rotary cutters!! They save so much time.
    My other gottohaveitbythemachine is my tiny little poking tool? (can’t for the life of me remember what it is called), that I can put of the fabric for those last few stitches. It is also good for pushing corners out.

    I have been sewing for over 50 years and still love it.

  79. Patti Reply

    Probably my little tv tray that I turned into a mini ironing board! I can sit at my machine and sew and turn to my left and press whatever I just stitched together!

  80. Katie Seadler Reply

    My go-to sewing item is my 26 inche clear plastic cutting guide/measuring thingy. The rotary cutter just glides along the side of it so nicely!

  81. Debby Shoemaker Reply

    My go to is a small very pointy pair of scissors,used to cut stitches when I alter for my son in law, they need extreme alterations.

  82. Stirling Reply

    Thanks for the Great Ideas! My current favs are my measuring tape and knitting needle….I’m remodeling/redecorating my whole house so pillows and table runners rule right now!

  83. Glenda Reply

    My scissors no matter what I have at least 3 pairs of scissors with me. It can be sewing or other crafts I need my scissors.

  84. Patricia Stowe Reply

    What a fun idea! Thosnwould look so much better than just writing on my bins with a Sharpie. 😉
    My favorite and most used notions/accessories are my hem gauge and seam ripper.

  85. Marie Reply

    Kids are leaving and I’m going to have a new sewing room!! Great Ideas. My go to are a pair of sharp scissors and a razor blade. It’s faster to take out hems and doesnt break like a seam ripper.

  86. Stephanie Reply

    I would not be without my rubber thimble! Makes pulling a needle so much easier. I laugh at the seam ripper so many go to. That will be used less and less as you sew more and more! I have been sewing everything from toys to clothes for 60 years.

  87. RudysMom Reply

    Hands down, my go-to sewing accessories are a 6-inch metal slide ruler and a steam iron. Accuracy and a professional touch are essential for any sewing project, and these two items always ensure the best results.

  88. Sue Reply

    I love my 2 rotary cutting mats. Useful, smooth, & flat work surface for many things.

  89. Jill Reply

    My kids got me an amazing seam ripper for Christmas. It has both a light and magnifying glass on it.

  90. Tammy Reply

    I just love your site! Todays subject “organizing your sewing room” is perfect for me because I’m about to move into a new place and I will finally have an extra room to use as my very first sewing room, and I’m 50!. 🙂 My favorite go to item is a tossup between my seam ripper and my self-heaIing mat. I’m always using the mat to measure everything. My seam ripper also comes in very handy because I’m known for sewing something on backwards at least once in a project! LOL

  91. Lynda S Reply

    My favorite go to notion is my seam ripper. I have several of them so I can quickly find on when I need to correct a boo boo.

  92. Marilyn Reply

    Love the idea. I would have to say my fave is the rotary cutter, but there are so many tools I would not want to give up. (like my narrow turning tool)

  93. Lori M. Reply

    Looks like it will be a colorful and well labeled work space. I have been actively going through my fabric stash sewing machines and tools, scrap booking paper and tools.nursing files, cross stitching, needlework, beading supplies and reorganizing and cleaning. It been a long time coming. I would love a ham and snippers as I have heard we shouldn’t be without them. I am glad Coats hads always had dependable thread. I would love to win this and will put it to good use. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  94. Erika Reply

    Hard to choose just 1; so I think my sewing machine; rotary cutter & cutting mat to name a couple, lol. Thank-you

  95. Kathy Reply

    Great Ideas for a summer do over project. My favorite go to gadget is my 6″ seam gauge. It has saved me many an hour measuring .

  96. Mary A, Bagwell Reply

    My 1 thing I use the most is my hand needles. Because I think it isn’t hand made if you use a machine. I make doll clothes for my 2 grand-daughters. There dresses are all hand made.

  97. Wilma Grossmann Reply

    I’m a beginner and my most used gadget is my seam allowance ruler and cloth pen.

  98. Deb Rosati Reply

    My favorite notion, don’t laugh, is my needle threader. My eyes no longer work as well as they once did> My needle threader is my sewing buddy!

  99. Debi Horne Reply

    I have fallen in love the the Alphabitties by Lori Holt. They’re little squares that I use after I cut my pieces, I can put these little labels on top of the stacks with A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 that indicate the order of piecing correctly.

    A great organized way of putting a quilt together!

    Thank you for the chance.
    Debi Horne

  100. Virginia Boak Reply

    My go to notion is a good rotary cutter and a seam ripper. some times I think I rip out almost as many stitches as I sew, but I love to sew and especially love quilting.

  101. Annette Crain Reply

    My “go to” favorite notion would have to be my “little purple thang”. It is a tiny purple plastic thing that I use to push out points after sewing. It has all kinds of other uses however. Also, my seam ripper….. my ripper gets lots of mileage.

  102. Lori M. Reply

    I rotary cutter and seam rippor. Can’t do withoutI chagrd my mind…….OK I’ll settle on those ones!

  103. lilnda durkee Reply

    I love my tube turner, it the little tube that has a long stainless steel shaft that catches the fabric and pulls it thru. It make making those thin little spaghetti straps so much easier


  104. Dianne H Reply

    I was going to say seam ripper since I have so many and they have so many uses for little places …..but my real fav is the seam gauge. I have the 6″ rulers everywhere and even have my first one from 7th grade home ec class (a little bent and still has tape on it with my name so no one else in class could claim it as theirs!) it’s 56years old! Think I need the prize???

  105. Rhonda Davis Reply

    My new favorite go-to item is the mini rotary cutter that fits on your finger. I do quiet a bit of applique and fussy cuts and it works wonderfully for these items. Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Shirley S Reply

    My favorite go to items are my rotary cutter and straight pins. I pin everything, to make sure my fabrics stay in place.

    I love your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  107. Bev Reply

    My favorite go to item is my new gingher knife edge thread snippers. My mom had a pair of these when I was little girl and still has them. I bought myself a pair when I started quilting and love them.

  108. carol taggart Reply

    My initial reply was seam ripper, which makes correcting mistakes less tedious. But if you asked my husband, he’d say it’s my scissors – I am quite fond of quality cutting tools and have a large collection…. and he’s learned that only I get to use my beloved scissors.

  109. Kathie F. Reply

    I love Coats thread. I have used it since I was a little girl learning to sew with my mom and grandma. My go-to tool is my seam ripper with my hem gauge a close second. I have a bunch of them because I hate to lose one.

  110. Anne Racobs Reply

    I love my “PurpleThang”! I use it for stuffing small crafts, poking out corners, and bringing the bobbin thread to the top while free motion quilting. One is always sitting right by my sewing machine.

  111. Laurie C Reply

    My favorite notion is my binding clips. I use them for everything because I always hurt myself when I use pins.

  112. Carla Belyea Reply

    My go to tool is my rotary cutter. I have been sewing for years and just discovered the wonders of cutting with rulers and a rotary cutter!

  113. Kim Reply

    My favorite ‘go to’ is my little embroidery scissors for clipping all my threads.

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