Outdoor Cube DIY

Outdoor Cube

A cube or pouf is a fun and easy project to sew for your outdoor living space. They make great floor cushions and room accents. Select outdoor fabrics that are designed to resist sunlight fading and are stain resistant. Some have special antimicrobial properties and resist mold and mildew. Along with outdoor fabric, we recommend Coats & Clark Outdoor Living Thread. This thread is 100% multi-filament polyester and is designed to resist UV rays and moisture. It is durable and long lasting, guaranteed to prolong the life of any outdoor sewing project.

Outdoor thread is thicker and heavier than all-purpose thread. It does require some adjustments to your sewing machine. Here are some tips for Sewing with Outdoor Thread.

Coats Outdoor Thread
Coats Outdoor Thread

Designed by Karen Schaphorst

Finished Size
20″ Cube

You will need

Outdoor Fabric Two Coordinating prints:
1 1/4 yards for sides
½ yard for top and bottom
Coats & Clark Outdoor Living Thread.
Poly-Fil® Bean Bag Filler (100% Polystyrene beads) two 2 1/2 lb. bags
Polyester Fiber Fil Stuffing

Fabric Scissors
Point Turner
Sewing Pins
Hand Sewing Needle
Sewing Machine

Cut four 21” squares for the sides
Cut two 21” squares for top and bottom

Note: use ½ seam allowances throughout.

Assemble the Cube
1. Beginning with the side sections, pin three sides together in a row. Stitch ½” from the beginning edge and stopping ½” from the end, making sure to backstitch. This will allow you to make neat corners.

TIP: To make neat square corners, do not stitch all the way to the edge of the fabric. Be sure to start and stop stitching 1/2″ from all edges.

2. Pin top sections to the middle side sections, stitch. You have created a cross shape. Pin the remaining side section to the lower top section. Stitch.

Outdoor cube step 2

outdoor cube Step 2a

Form the Cube
1. Fold the cross in half at the center square on the diagonal, right sides together. Pin.

outdoor cube Form the cube 3
2. Stitch sides ½” from the ends. Backstitch to secure.

3. Repeat for remaining side edges until you have a square/cube with an open top.

4. With right sides together, stitch from the corners out on the remaining section leaving a 6” opening for stuffing.

4. Turn cube to right side. Using a point turner, poke out the corners.

5. Insert pellets into cube. Be sure to cut a small opening in the pellet bag and creating a funnel at the cube opening, carefully and slowly pour pellets.

6. Add polyester fiber-fill to pellets. Pack the fiberfill with your hand. Shape the cube until it is fully expanded. Stuff to desired firmness.

7. Turn in seam allowance of opening; hand- stitch closed.


1. Create a decorative running stitch at the upper edge of the cube. This simple single stitch is done by taking the needle in and then out of the fabric. Pin ½ along the top and sides at the seam line. Using a hand sewing needle and outdoor thread, stitch a running ½” along the upper edges of the cube.

Outdoor Pouf cube

Running Stitch
Running Stitch

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  1. Rachel B Reply

    Would you be willing to post a PDF for this. It’s really cute but I would like to download. Thx.

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      We have added a PDF with the instructions. Visit the post again.
      Thanks for the request.

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