Sew Spa projects

It’s time to pamper yourself. You spent the holidays shopping for gifts, baking and decorating to make sure it was a special time for everyone. Now it is your turn. Sew these luxurious projects and create your own spa experience.

Spa Mask

cc_11_27_15_CS 282

Shut out the world and take a moment for yourself. This pretty mask will help you relax in style, whether in a warm bubble bath, or when taking a rare moment to yourself. Pattern

Spa Wrap

cc_11_27_15_Wrap 11

Give yourself a spa experience in this sumptuous plush wrap. You made the holidays special for everyone else, it is your turn to just kick back and pamper yourself. Directions


Spa Slippers

CS 281 13

Treat your feet with these Spa Slippers. The patchwork is created by weaving frayed fabric strips which is held in place by zigzag stitches using Dual Duty XP thread. Instructions

Hot & Cold Comfort Wrap

CS 285 8

This cozy Hot & Cold Comfort Wrap can be heated in the microwave or put in the freezer for soothing comfort achy neck and shoulders. Use Coats Cotton thread to avoid melting polyester when it is heated. Pattern

CS 281

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