Patio Sewing Projects For Outdoor Living

Outdoor Bolster Pillow

Climbing temperatures create the perfect time to re-style your outdoor living space with patio sewing projects. Even if it’s too hot to be outside! Once the weather cools enough, your back yard will be ready to sparkle with your handmade creations. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Just a few easy projects will help you enjoy the end of this summer and be ready for the next!

Outdoor Bolster Pillow
Image Source: Melly Sews

Bolster Pillow

A handmade bolster adds instant class to any décor! When her family re-furbished their deck, Melissa of the Melly Sews blog had a wonderful time designing patio sewing projects. She whipped up a few bolsters to add to the re-fresh and shares great directions on her blog. These are easy to sew and can be made in any size that fits your needs. Purchase a pre-made bolster form, create your own or recover one that’s seen better days. You’ll find this a fun and satisfying project any way you go! Yes, there’s a zipper for easy cleaning, but don’t let that scare you. Melly includes a link to her super helpful zipper insertion tutorial to put you at ease. Click here for the Bolster Pillow tutorial.

Outdoor Chair Caddy
Image Source: The Crafty Chica

Outdoor Chair Caddy

A fabulous Chair Caddy will keep your books, tablet or magazines at the ready for a few minutes of relaxing. Kathy, the Crafty Chica, says it’s great to pick up and take with you, too! To make hers sturdy, Kathy chose upholstery fabric for her caddy, but canvas or oilcloth would be terrific choices, also. This is an easy patio sewing project that makes a great hostess gift if you’re headed to visit friends or family this summer. After cutting, most of the construction is just folding and straight stitching. To add a bit of glamour, Kathy used fabric paint and glitter to enhance her creation. Optional, of course, but it may be just the spark your patio needs! Click here for the Outdoor Chair Caddy tutorial.

BBQ Grill Cover
Image Source: Mama Ging blog

BBQ Grill Cover

A BBQ Grill is a definite must for summer meals, but it’s tough to find an attractive cover. So, let’s add making our own to the plan for patio sewing projects! Jill of the Mama Ging blog fell in love with a piece of oilcloth for her cover, but wanted to make a test cover first. She tried out her design using a vinyl tablecloth and it looks great. Choose oilcloth, coated cotton or an outdoor table cloth to cover your grill, and you’ll be ready to measure, cut pin and adjust following Jill’s directions. Every grill is different and you’ll want a custom fit! Jill wisely includes hints on how to cut and what size needle to use for best results. Be sure to use Coats Outdoor Living Thread to protect your stitching from the weather, too! Click here for the BBQ Grill Cover tutorial.

Outdoor Hammock Chair
Image Source: HGTV blog

Hammock Chair

Add a bit of Bohemian style to your outdoor oasis with this patio sewing project! Follow Rebecca on the HGTV blog and create your own fabric or purchase a print canvas you love. Either one will make this Hammock Chair the star of your leisure time. Along with fabric, thread and your sewing machine, you’ll need a dowel, rope and a few other materials readily available at your nearest hardware store. Rebecca’s instructions are detailed and easy to follow for any level of sewist/crafter. Click here for the Hammock Chair tutorial.

Outdoor Shade Screen Curtain
Image Source: Sew4Home

Outdoor Shade Curtain

We all have that outdoor area that gets too much sun during part of the day. Maybe at just the time we’re heading for our private escape! Sew4Home created a lovely curtain that will solve the too-sunny problem using outdoor fabric, Coats Outdoor Living Thread and a length of screening. Super-clear steps make this a doable project that everyone can add to their list of patio sewing projects. The clever hook-and-ring design at the top of the curtain makes it easy to slide and move during the day. Purchase your fabric and hardware, customize the curtain size for your need and enjoy the delight of sewing this useful and beautiful panel! Click here for the Outdoor Shade Curtain tutorial.

Time to Shine

Choose a few projects or make them all – your outdoor living spot will definitely benefit from your sewing skills! You’ll have loads of fun coordinating fabrics, colors and prints with your patio furniture as you customize your garden room or terrace. And, your friends and family will enjoy the summer gatherings even more with the added gorgeousness of handmade style!

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