Patriotic Dress Ups for Your Little Ladies

Bustle Back Dress

It’s always loads of sparkling fun to make special clothes for the holidays – especially for your littles! You’ll love the five Patriotic Dress Ups I’ve found for you today. They’re all simple sews and easy designs that even a beginner could make. The sizing can be easily adjusted and the styles could be made in non-holiday fabrics, too, of course. And, best of all, your sweet little ladies will be red, white and blue shining stars!

Independence Day Raglan Dress
Image Source: PA Country Crafts

Independence Day Peasant Dress

If you’re sewing for the kids while they’re racing around you needing attention, this Patriotic Dress Up will be just perfect! Raglan styles are always super quick and if you have red, white and blue in your stash, all the better. Lindsay of the PA Country Crafts blog offers a free pattern for these sweet and easy dresses with just two pattern pieces. She includes a quick method for stitching and a great tip for threading the elastic at the neck. Add a splashy, floppy bow like Lindsay’s and you’ll have a unique little dress worthy of celebration! Click here for the Independence Day Peasant Dress tutorial.

4th-of-july-bandana skirt
Image Source: Cutesy Crafts

4th of July Bandana Skirt

Bandanas conveniently come in a variety of red, white and blue. So, they’re just right to upcycle into Patriotic Dress Ups! Jessica of the Cutesy Crafts blog envisioned an adorable toddler-size bandana skirt and quickly stitched one up for her little. For a toddler, you’ll need just one bandana, but you could easily adapt the skirt for an older child by using more bandanas. Add a bit of elastic and a pretty length of eyelet trim and you’ll have a super simple, fun-to-make skirt that any little lady would love! Click here for the 4th of July Bandana Skirt tutorial.

Bustle Back Dress
Image Source: Heart Break Kids

Bustle Back Dress

Holly of the Heart Break Kids blog has a unique talent for re-fashioning! This stunning example of Patriotic Dress Ups is the mash-up of a too small dress, a stack of old t-shirts, a tu-tu and Holly’s sparkling creativity.  Although, this isn’t a usual step-by-step tutorial, Holly clearly explains her methods and you’ll learn just what to do. You’ll enjoy choosing shirts to create the bustle and watching as they transform into this delightfully charming dress.  And, while you could also start with new fabrics, it’s a truly great upcycle. Plus a trip to the thrift store to hunt for materials sounds like a lot of fun! Click here for the Bustle Back Dress post.

Image Source: Ribbon Retreat blog

Easy Star Spangled Skort

Young ladies love to run, play and jump, so this skort version of Patriotic Dress Ups will be a favorite. You may want to stitch up a whole summer-ful for every occasion! Amy of Peek-a-Boo Patterns shared this super-cute design on the Ribbon Retreat blog. Amy used a Patriotic fabric panel that included a fun red, white and blue design. It could easily be pieced from separate fabrics, too. Make your skirt as full as you like, then follow Amy’s great directions for creating shorts and attaching the two together. Designed for knits or wovens, you’ll have lots of fun options for stitching up this fun and fancy project! Click here for the Star Spangled Skort tutorial.

18 inch girl doll red white and blue top
Image Source: Real Coake blog

Dolly Patriotic Top

With just a few scraps left from your Patriotic Dress Ups, you can sew an adorable top for your little lady’s favorite 18” dolly. Her special friend deserves a special Dress Up, too and this one is totally adorable! KC of the Coake Family blog used a free downloadable pattern she found, but struggled with a bit. She shares lots of hints and tips in her post along with excellent step-by-step pictures and a printable to add to your sewing success. Spend a little time sewing and your little lady and her dolly will be stylin’ and smilin’ for the 4th of July in their handmade matching outfits! Click here for the Dolly Patriotic Top tutorial.

Hurray for the red, white and blue! It’s a great reason to sew and a great way to let your little darlings know how much you care!!

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