Precious Cargo: Sew Your Own Suitcase

Boy, have the past few weeks been a whirlwind! Between work conferences, friendly visits, and family vacations, my feet have been 30,000 feet up in the air more than they’ve been on the ground. All this travel has opened my eyes to the serious lack of cute luggage out there. Yep, when it comes to suitcases, each terminal seemed to be a sea of sameness. What can a crafty traveler do?! Sew your own, of course! Take a look at these sewing tutorials¬†that will earn the envy of everyone onboard when securely stowed in your overhead bin ūüôā


Cargo Duffle Bag via Messy Jessie

Miniature Canvas Luggage Bags via Sew Fearless 

Overnighter Ellie Travel Case via Fabric Mutt

Retro Travel Bag via Polkadot Chair 

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