Precious Patterns from Hello Dear Kids

We’ve stumbled across a goldmine on Etsy: Hello Dear Kids. They make excruciatingly cute little clothes (and we mean little) for the little ones in your life! You can either buy their finished products, or their patterns for only $6.00! We’ve included some of our favorites below. These little guys are sure to set your heart ablaze with that familiar urge to jump back on that sewing saddle!

Cape from Hello Dear Kids












It’s cape time again and this is the perfect one to keep your kiddos warm, in style!

Cape by Hello Dear Kids












And the best part: It’s reversible! Love the pom pom details too.

Romper from Hello Dear Kids Etsy Shop










Cats + rompers
= insane cuteness. That’s all there is to it.

Romper Hello Dear Kids



















Just so you have an idea of how adorable it looks on…

Romper by Hello Dear Kids












Okay I know I said that cat rompers are cute, but then I saw this fox romper.

Hello Dear Kids Etsy Fox Romper












Love the cross back button detail!

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      Please click through to the link to the Etsy shop, Hello Dear Kids

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