Pretty Me Made Panties

Me Made Panties are divinely popular these days and for good reason! Believe it or not, you can easily get a good fit, quickly make several pairs and have a pretty panty wardrobe that will amaze you. So, before you get your knickers in a twist, thinking you can’t do this – come with me and learn the secrets!

Image Source: Very Purple Person blog

Sewing Panties Tutorial

Let’s start with a few basics outlined by Novita of the Very Purple Person blog. You’ll find Novita’s tips and hints very useful as she leads you step by step through a basic pair of Me Made Panties. A list of fabric and pattern resources is included in the post along with suggestions for needles and crotch lining fabrics. The fabrics and elastics Novita suggests are comfy to wear and best of all, Novita let’s you know that you don’t need a serger! Click here for Novita’s informative tutorial.


Eloflex Thread

And, speaking of “no serger needed”, you will also have no need of the small zigzag stitch suggested for your seams in these tutorials. Why? Because, you’re going to use Coats and Clark’s new magical, Eloflex Stretch Thread! Eloflex comes in 21 beautiful colors that retain their stretch in straight sewing machine stitches. Now you can have nice smooth seams without sacrificing the stretch you’ll need for your panties! And, it’s perfect for your bobbin and stitching elastic to your panties. You’re going to love this thread! Click here for more information about using Eloflex Thread.

Image Source: Make Bra blog

Hipster Panties

On the Make Bra blog, I found a lovely pair of Hipster Panties designed by Annele, who lives in Finland. She’s chosen fold over elastic for her Me Made Panties, so the pattern does not include seam allowances.  As with most panty patterns, you’ll choose your sizing by hip measurement and make any adjustments you need before cutting. While there are no illustrations with the instructions, if you have a little sewing experience, your panties will be stitched and ready to wear in no time.  Click here for the Hipster Panties post and pattern.

Image Source: Cloth Habit Patterns

Rosy Ladyshorts

Blogger and designer, Amy describes these as “frou-frou meets everyday”, so if you’re looking for a little pizazz, the Rosy Ladyshorts are perfect for you.  Amy worked hard to make these adorable Me Made Panties beginner-friendly and quick to make. The pattern includes eight sizes, so it’s wonderfully versatile for all of us! Whether you decide on this design or not, I highly recommend reading through Amy’s tutorial. She’s taken care to include excellent, helpful tips, sources for fabrics and laces, and how to use stretch lace instead of elastic on the legs and waist. Click here for the Rosy Ladyshorts tutorial and pattern.

Image Source: So Sew Easy blog

Wide Lace Panties

So, how about an all lace panty? Deby of the So Sew Easy blog designed these gorgeous little panties and put together a great step-by-step tutorial that even a beginner can follow. Print Deby’s pattern, look for 4” to 6-1/2” double edged stretch lace and get ready to stock your Me Made Panties stash with lacy loveliness!  The post includes the link to a nicely put-together digital pattern and info on measuring and fitting. All in all it’s a great tutorial with excellent layout pictures that will make using double edged stretch lace easy.  Click here for the Wide Lace Panties tutorial.

Image Source: Red Heels blog

Budapest High Waist Panties

All the way over in Hungary, I found a wonderful pattern for High Waist Panties, in case you’re not the hipster type.  Reka of the Red Heels blog was inspired by a magazine article to design her version of Me Made Panties. They have a relaxed, comfortable fit and hit just an inch or so below your natural waist. Due to the use of fold over elastic, this is another pattern without seam allowances, so be sure to follow Reka’s steps for adding where it is needed.  Reka’s design thoughtfully includes six sizes from XS – XXL. Click here for the Budapest High Waist Panties post.

Image Source: Rad Patterns

Rad Patterns Panel Panties

Now that you’ve caught the addiction of Me Made Panties, I know you’ll love the reasonably-priced design I found on Etsy. According to the reviews, Stephanie of Rad Patterns makes fabulous patterns and her Panel Panties are definitely rad! You’ll never throw out a scrap of knit again when you see how charming and easy it is to create these fun and fancy knickers. Stephanie designed the Panel Panties to be “virtually wedgie-proof” with options for hipster, mid-rise brief and high-rise brief in sizes XXS – 4X. Could it get any better? Click here to visit the Rad Patterns Etsy shop.

So, now you know the secret . . . Me Made Panties aren’t unmentionables anymore! Once you’ve made a pair, you’ll be shouting it from the rooftops and sharing the joy with all your friends.Pick a pattern and get going with a little undercover sewing!

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