Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition

Coats & Clark sponsored a Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup Washington. We wanted to plan an event that would promote sewing, showcase the talents of the fantastic instructors and people from the sewing industry who are at the expo each year and that would be entertaining. After much brainstorming with Expo planners, we came up with an event modeled loosely after the “Pro-Am” sporting events. A “Pro” was paired with a local teen (a.k.a. the “Am”) who sewed –most were involved in 4-H in the area. Each Pro was to plan a project with their “Am”. Most of the the mentoring with my “Am” was done through email–since I am in North Carolina and she was in Washington, but this was the case for many of the Pro-Am pairs. Each teen also had a local mentor to help them through the process.

I was so excited when I finally met my “Am”, Tyra, and saw her project. She used our new Fashion Metal Zippers in this cute faux suede leopard print skirt. She used McCalls M6289 and added side pockets closed with an exposed zipper and a longer exposed zipper in the back. She did such a great job. Tyra is 14 but she has been sewing for 7 years!

Then it was time for the show! Each “Pro” commentated their “Ams” outfit. The garments ranged from skirts, to tailored jackets and sportswear. One very young sewer created a matching skirt for her doll!

The show went off without a hitch and everyone was impressed with the talents of the young people. The future of sewing looks bright if this group is any indication.

5 thoughts on “Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition

  1. Laura Reply

    I was lucky enough to be the local mentor for three of the “Ams”. These girls had so much fun at the show and preparing for it. They loved communicating with their Pros and planning awesome outfits for the event. They were thrilled to actually meet their Pros at Expo – one was even invited to her Pros seminar. Every time my girls got a package or communication from their Pro, they brought it to 4-H to show. The craziness of preparing for the show didn’t slow my girls down at all. The Wednesday after Expo, they were back at 4-H cutting out new things to sew. One is doing a Regency period dress, another is making a dress for Easter and a tiered skirt, and the third is sewing a fun backpack. I am so proud of these girls and love spending every Wednesday with them.
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. Kristi Reply

    That sounds like such fun! That skirt is really cute- she did a great job!
    I was just noticing there is no way to e-mail you to ask a question (related to the blog-not sewing, although I have a few of those haha) Could you please get back to me with a way to ask you a question? Thanks!!
    from Creative Kristi

  3. lab coat uniforms Reply

    Congratulation for the success of your event, I saw that these girls are really enjoy on what they are doing. They uniqueness and creativity was very impressive.

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