Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread - 125 yds

Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – 125 yds

Strong and smooth medium weight thread perfect for hand and machine sewing on all fabrics

74 colors available
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Our best selling colors for smaller projects!

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Product Length

125 yds


S900_75 Artic White, S900_100 White, S900_150 Winter White, S900_450 Nugrey, S900_620 Slate, S900_900 Black, S900_950 Celestial Black, S900_1180 Light Pink, S900_1210 Pink, S900_1470 Flamingo, S900_1840 Hot Pink, S900_2160 Atom Red, S900_2250 Red, S900_2820 Barberry Red, S900_2980 Maroon, S900_3040 Red Rose, S900_3250 Laurel, S900_3530 Lilac, S900_3690 Purple, S900_4270 Monaco Blue, S900_4310 Icy Blue, S900_4540 Copenhagen, S900_4880 Freedom Blue, S900_4900 Navy, S900_5140 Rocket Blue, S900_6180 Green Linen, S900_6770 Forest Green, S900_7260 Mimosa, S900_7330 Yellow, S900_7750 Kumquat, S900_8000 Pearl, S900_8010 Natural, S900_8030 Ecru, S900_8140 Golden Tan, S900_8230 Camel, S900_8360 Summer Brown, S900_8440 Khaki, S900_8960 Chona Brown, S900_9135 Lavender Tiny, S900_9145 Blue Tint, S900_9165 Green Tint, S900_9175 Peach Tint, S900_9185 Champagne Tint, S900_9213 Neon Pink, S900_9215 Bright Fuschia, S900_9218 Bright Coral, S900_9225 Bright Red, S900_9238 Bright Deep Purple, S900_9245 Bright Sapphire, S900_9255 Bright Parakeet, S900_9257 Bright Aqua Green, S900_9265 Neon Green, S900_9267 Bright Kelley, S900_9271 Neon Bright Yellow, S900_9272 Bright Sun Yellow, S900_9274 Bright Gold, S900_9277 Bright Pumpkin, S900_9278 Neon Orange, S900_9312 Baby Pastels, S900_9314 Sherbet, S900_9325 Bowl of Cherries, S900_9334 Plum Shadows, S900_9336 Plum Berries, S900_9343 Blue Clouds, S900_9345 Over the Rainbow, S900_9347 Jewels, S900_9363 Spring Green, S900_9365 Teaberries, S900_9367 Mexicana, S900_9373 Sunny Day, S900_9375 Sandstone, S900_9377 Fall Leaves, S900_9382 Old Lace, S900_9386 Autumn




Dual Duty XP

End Use

Hand sewing, Machine sewing

Fiber Content

100% Polyester

Hand Needle

7, 8

Machine Needle

11, 14

Product Length

125 yds




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