Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread - 250 yds - Blue/Green Family

Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – 250 yds – Blue/Green Family

Strong and smooth medium weight thread perfect for hand and machine sewing on all fabrics

120 colors available
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A full range of colors to easily match any project!

Additional information

Article Number

S910 – B

Product Length

250 yds


S910_4010 Crystal Blue, S910_4020 September Sky, S910_4030 Cielo Blue, S910_4040 Hyacinth, S910_4060 Thunder Cloud, S910_4070 Cloudy Blue, S910_4080 Firmament Blue, S910_4120 Light Cornflower, S910_4130 Cornflower, S910_4150 True Blue, S910_4160 Crayon Blue, S910_4190 Admiral, S910_4230 Blue Bonnet, S910_4250 Periwinkle, S910_4270 Monaco Blue, S910_4280 Blue Ribbon, S910_4290 Indigo, S910_4310 Icy Blue, S910_4320 Blue, S910_4350 Baby Blue, S910_4360 Miracle Blue, S910_4370 Medium Blue, S910_4460 Commodore, S910_4450 Pilot Blue, S910_4470 Yale Blue, S910_4480 Caspian Sea, S910_4540 Copenhagen, S910_4550 Soldier Blue, S910_4560 Blue Jay, S910_4580 Blue Chip, S910_4620 Chambray, S910_4630 Azure Blue, S910_4640 Miniature Blue, S910_4650 Sunwashed Blue, S910_4660 Faded Denim, S910_4670 Cosmos Blue, S910_4720 Ciel, S910_4740 Blue Ridge, S910_4760 Blue Slate, S910_4780 Blue Stone, S910_4840 Dark Midnight, S910_4860 Indigo Ink, S910_4880 Freedom Blue, S910_4900 Navy, S910_4920 Gunmetal Navy, S910_4940 Dark Navy, S910_4960 Night Watch, S910_5020 Aqua Marine, S910_4980 Blue Black, S910_5040 Blue Hawaii, S910_5050 Treasure Blue, S910_5080 Global Blue, S910_5130 Hummingbird Blue, S910_5140 Rocket Blue, S910_5160 Radiant Blue, S910_5220 Light Parakeet, S910_5240 Mallard, S910_5260 Cruise Blue, S910_5270 Parakeet, S910_5280 Parrot Blue, S910_5360 Light Teal Blue, S910_5380 Dark Teal, S910_5420 Blue Aqua, S910_5450 River Blue, S910_5480 Oriental Teal, S910_5520 Aqueous, S910_5550 Mist Aqua, S910_5570 Oriental Blue, S910_5620 Light Aqua, S910_5720 Spray Green, S910_5660 Aqua, S910_5750 Bahama, S910_5760 Ming Teal, S910_5820 Caribbean Sea, S910_5840 Light Jade, S910_5845 Seafoam, S910_5870 Dark Jade, S910_5980 Scots Green, S910_6030 Cloudy Jade, S910_6050 Powder Green, S910_6070 Sage, S910_6110 Celadon, S910_6120 Celery, S910_6140 Mignonette, S910_6160 Light Green Linen, S910_6170 Pebble, S910_6180 Green Linen, S910_6210 Light Okra, S910_6220 Okra, S910_6240 Peridot, S910_6260 Light Tourmaline, S910_6270 Kiwi, S910_6280 New Leaf, S910_6320 Light Olive, S910_6340 Olive, S910_6360 Bronze Green, S910_6380 Spinach, S910_6420 Nile Green, S910_6430 Dark Nile Green, S910_6450 Bright Green, S910_6470 Leprachaun, S910_6530 Emerald, S910_6550 Kerry Green, S910_6570 Fern, S910_6620 Bright Mint, S910_6640 Spearmint, S910_6670 Field Green, S910_6740 Juniper, S910_6750 Hunter Green, S910_6770 Forest Green, S910_6780 Dark Forest, S910_6790 Dark Spinach, S910_6840 Lime, S910_6850 Bright Apple, S910_6920 Chartreuse, S910_6940 Golden Olive, S910_6950 Safari, S910_6970 Army Drab, S910_6980 Olivenite, S910_6990 Taupe Green




Dual Duty XP

End Use

Hand sewing, Machine sewing

Fiber Content

100% Polyester

Hand Needle

7, 8

Machine Needle

11, 14

Product Length

250 yds




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