Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread - 250 yds - Orange/Yellow Family

Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – 250 yds – Orange/Yellow Family

Strong and smooth medium weight thread perfect for hand and machine sewing on all fabrics

45 colors available
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A full range of colors toeasily match any project!

Additional information

Article Number

S910 – O

Product Length

250 yds


S910_7010 Cider, S910_7060 Burnished Gold, S910_7100 Pale Yellow, S910_7120 Baby Yellow, S910_7240 Banana Peel, S910_7250 Sun Yellow, S910_7260 Mimosa, S910_7270 Rubber Duck, S910_7310 Primrose, S910_7330 Yellow, S910_7360 Spark Gold, S910_7410 Pongee, S910_7430 Hay Ride, S910_7450 Temple Gold, S910_7460 Spanish Gold, S910_7470 Amber, S910_7510 Chamois, S910_7520 Maize, S910_7540 Goldenrod, S910_7560 Saffron, S910_7570 Mine Gold, S910_7580 Tortoise, S910_7620 Pumpkin, S910_7630 Tangerine, S910_7640 Orange, S910_7650 Tango, S910_7670 Burnt Orange, S910_7710 Orange Whip, S910_7730 Creamsicle, S910_7740 Light Orange, S910_7750 Kumquat, S910_7760 Dark Orange, S910_7810 Red Clay, S910_7820 Rust, S910_7830 Bright Rust, S910_7840 Paprika, S910_7850 Blush, S910_7860 Terracotta, S910_7870 Rustana Red, S910_7900 Dark Blush, S910_7920 Peach Blush, S910_7910 Pale Peach, S910_7930 Salmon, S910_7940 Coral Rust, S910_7950 Tomato Bisque




Dual Duty XP

End Use

Hand sewing, Machine sewing

Fiber Content

100% Polyester

Hand Needle

7, 8

Machine Needle

11, 14

Product Length

250 yds




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