Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread - 250 yds - Red/Purple Family

Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – 250 yds – Red/Purple Family

Strong and smooth medium weight thread perfect for hand and machine sewing on all fabrics

75 colors available
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A full range of colors toeasily match any project!

Additional information

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Product Length

250 yds


S910_1020 Powder Pink, S910_1040 Soft Mauve, S910_1060 Almond Pink, S910_1080 Dark Mauve, S910_1210 Pink, S910_1180 Light Pink, S910_1220 Rose Pink, S910_1340 Bubblegum, S910_1350 Cotton Candy, S910_1360 Ellen Rose, S910_1410 Pink Champagne, S910_1420 Coral Pink, S910_1430 Coral, S910_1440 Shrimp, S910_1470 Flamingo, S910_1490 Dark Coral, S910_1495 Medium Coral, S910_1500 Orange Coral, S910_1520 Antique Rose, S910_1560 Cameo Pink, S910_1640 Dark Old Rose, S910_1650 Laurel Rose, S910_1830 Dark Rose, S910_1840 Hot Pink, S910_1850 Bright Rose, S910_1870 Azalea, S910_1950 Carnation, S910_1960 Corsage Pink, S910_1980 Ming Cherry, S910_2100 Chili Pepper, S910_2160 Atom Red, S910_2170 Red Geranium, S910_2200 Hero Red, S910_2250 Red, S910_2300 Candy Apple, S910_2470 Devil Red, S910_2500 Tomato, S910_2560 Brick Rust, S910_2680 Red Cherry, S910_2780 Scarlet, S910_2820 Barberry Red, S910_2850 American Beauty, S910_2900 Dark Red, S910_2950 Henna Brown, S910_2980 Maroon, S910_3040 Red Rose, S910_3050 Magenta, S910_3070 Fuschia, S910_3090 Red Plum, S910_3140 Mocha Plum, S910_3190 Royal Plum, S910_3230 Rose Orchid, S910_3250 Laurel, S910_3320 Orchid, S910_3340 Light Violet, S910_3350 Violet, S910_3390 Ultra-Violet, S910_3420 Heather, S910_3440 Purple Haze, S910_3460 Mulberry, S910_3480 Mulberry Wine, S910_3510 Lilac Mist, S910_3530 Lilac, S910_3550 Lavender, S910_3570 Sea Grape, S910_3620 Lavender Bliss, S910_3660 Deep Violet, S910_3690 Purple, S910_3740 Amethyst, S910_3760 Light Purple, S910_3800 Eggplant, S910_3830 Violet Dusk, S910_3850 Light Vintage Purple, S910_3860 Vintage Purple, S910_3970 Deep Purple



End Use

Hand sewing, Machine sewing

Fiber Content

100% Polyester

Hand Needle

7, 8

Machine Needle

11, 14

Product Length

250 yds




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