Coats Eloflex Thread

Coats Eloflex Thread

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Eloflex sews soft, secure stretchable seams.

21 colors available
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Special stitches or a serger are not required to achieve professional results.Ê Seams and hems will not pop when stretched because Eloflex expands with the fabric. Eloflex is perfect for knit fabrics used in athleisure, cosplay costumes, swim suits, lingerie, and dance wear.Ê Use with knits, but also with fabrics like stretch denim or twill.

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Article Number


Product Length

225 yds


S992_100 White, S992_230 Silver, S992_450 Nugrey, S992_900 Black, S992_2160 Atom Red, S992_1840 Hot Pink, S992_2820 Barberry Red, S992_3690 Purple, S992_4310 Icy Blue, S992_4470 Yale Blue, S992_4900 Navy, S992_5140 Rocket Blue, S992_5520 Aqueous, S992_5760 Ming Teal, S992_6840 Lime, S992_6550 Kerry Green, S992_7330 Yellow, S992_7640 Orange, S992_8010 Natural, S992_8050 Buff, S992_8890 Dark Brown





End Use

Sewing, Activewear, Leisurewear

Fiber Content

Polybutylene Terephthalate

Hand Needle

8, 9

Machine Needle


Product Length

225 yds



13 reviews for Coats Eloflex Thread

  1. Annette Millard

    I’ve sewn knits and swimwear for years and Eloflex is the most revolutionary thing I’ve ever seen. It stretches and snaps back to shape and can be used in your bobbin, too. Not at all like the elastic threads of old, this is fabulous stuff. Love, love, love this thread!!

  2. jennifer stern hasemann

    I used Eloflex thread in a Yoga Pants Demo at Stitches MidWest. This wonderful thread has just the right amount of give. It works great in the machine and I was able to sew yoga pants in 30 minutes. It also passes my “wear and stretch” test. Just got back from the gym where I was actually trying to see if I could cause the seams to pop open. My Eloflex seams hung tough… not a single popped stitch.

    • lynnbrowne

      Whew! We are glad it passed your stretch & wear test!!

  3. Claudia Medwin

    I was very excited to discover this thread while shopping at Joann’s. Although I haven’t used it, I can tell it has some give and will be great for hemming my knit pants.
    One suggestion would be to stamp the color on the label. I came home with black instead of navy blue and will have to make a second trip.

    • lynnbrowne

      We think you will really like the thread for hemming your knit pants. The color number is located just above the right corner of the bar code. For example, Navy would 4900. Just below the thread on the shelf is the name of the color. Unfortunately, space is very limited on the spool once all of the required information printed.

  4. Mariana

    I just discovered this existed!!! And I need!! I´m from Chile, but I will be in Miami (Sunny Isles) around October 5th, where can I buy it?

    • lynnbrowne

      It is available in JoAnn stores and Hobby Lobby.

  5. K Parkin

    Where can I buy eloflex thread in the UK?

    • lynnbrowne

      We are sorry, but it isn’t available in the UK.

  6. Elise

    I just used this thread to make a knit dress for which I am a test sewer. The thread keeps breaking in my Bernina machine. I am using a ball point needle as instructed, I have lengthened my stitch but as I said this just keeps breaking. Maybe I am not using the thread correctly but I am disappointed.

    • lynnbrowne

      Hi Elise,
      We are disappointed too that you are having a problem. One suggestion (which you may have already tried) is to reduce the upper tension so that the thread isn’t pulled as tautly. The relationship between the thread, needle and fabric is important. Have you stitched on a different knit fabric with success? Our other suggestion would be to use a stretch needle instead of a ball-point needle. On some fabrics, particularly cotton interlock this can really make a difference. The stretch needle has a little deeper groove which protects the thread. Learn more about stretch needles from Schmetz.

  7. Susan

    I love this! I even did samples on stretch fabric, I did a straight like you are suppose to and I did it with the stretch stitch (lighting rod) and it was way better with the straight (reg) stitch I took sample to the Quilt store where they were having a sewing class – the demonstrator could not believe it. I just fixed my daughters yoga pants what a real breeze. I can’t wait to make some clothing for my Grand using this. Thank You for this!!

    • lynnbrowne

      So glad you love Eloflex-thanks for sharing!

  8. Patti

    Great idea, but HATE IT. Working on two sleeveless tee shirts and on the second one the thread shreadded and snapped over 20 times the first one about 10. Couldn’t go any slower without seeing the whole thing by hand. And yes, I was using a stretch needle and tried a larger sized one with the same results.
    Disappointed in this product.

    • lynnbrowne

      We are disappointed as well that you had problems using Coats Eloflex. We are sending additional information to your email address.

  9. Ariella

    I had Eloflex thread shred and tear despite using several different size and type needles. My machine is a Bernina 950 light industrial. What might be the problem?

    • lynnbrowne

      Ariella, We are sorry to here that. Try reducing your top tension and go up a size on the needle. Also, a stretch needle often will work better than a plain ball-point.

  10. Kathryn

    I’m using it now for the first time for leggings. I’m having no problem. I wound the bobbin very slowly so the bobbin thread is not under a lot of tension. I did not reduce top tension. I’m using a narrow zig zag. I have much more control with sewing that with a serger especially on little leggings for a grand. I love it already, I’m just using the needle that was in the machine from my last project which was probably stretch. I’m not ringing it fussy at all.

  11. Paulette

    I would prefer to purchase the thread pack but haven’t been able to locate it. where can I purchase the eloflex thread pack in Canada?

    • lynnbrowne

      Eloflex is available in Fabricland in individual spools.

  12. KevinSews

    I am using this thread for the first time. After testing I found a Size 14 Schmetz Stretch Needle did worked perfectly. The ballpoint didn’t work at all. The Stretch Needles have a larger scarf and opening, so that is the key. So if you are experiencing problems then give this a try.

    • lynnbrowne

      Great advice Kevin!

  13. Sue

    I used this thread for the first time a couple of days ago and what a superb thread!! I was making some t-shirts for my husband and was so impressed, I made him 19 new shirts! This is the thread a lot of us have been waiting a long time for. Thank you!!

    I purchased the thread from Fabricland and another fabric store here in Winnipeg, Canada and I am wondering if there is any way I can buy a pack of all 21colours instead of individually?

    • lynnbrowne

      Sue, We are so glad that you like new Eloflex. Unfortunately, we do not have a boxed assortment.

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