Coats Trilobal Embroidery Thread - Mini King Spool

Coats Trilobal Embroidery Thread – Mini King Spool

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122 colors available

This thread is perfect for decorating items that will be laundered often, including baby items, uniforms, every day quilts, and outdoor wear. Enjoy the benefits of vibrant colorfast thread even with chlorine bleach! Button wrap top secures loose thread ends.

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Product Length

600 yds (1100 yds multicolor)


D75_1 White, D75_2 Black, D75_3 Ciel, D75_4 Blue, D75_5 Copenhagen, D75_9 Yale Blue, D75_10 Monaco Blue, D75_13 Navy, D75_17 Buff, D75_26 Slate, D75_27 Smoke, D75_30 Light Pink, D75_31 Pink, D75_32 Rose Pink, D75_38 Scarlet, D75_51 Chona Brown, D75_57 Nile Green, D75_58 Mignonette, D75_62 Emerald, D75_74 Goldenrod, D75_91 Lilac, D75_96 Violet, D75_97 Orchid, D75_98 Purple, D75_116 Cream, D75_128 Red, D75_155 Dogwood, D75_158 Dark Old Rose, D75_165 Pastels, D75_167 Jewel, D75_173 Light Blue Blended, D75_174 Light Pink Blend, D75_177 Kerry Green, D75_182 Spark Gold, D75_184 Brick Rust, D75_222 Lime, D75_223 Mimosa, D75_224 Toirtoise, D75_256 Natural, D75_277 Red Rose, D75_278 Wine Grape, D75_280 Rustana Red, D75_336 Orange Whip, D75_345 Flannel, D75_346 Midnite, D75_347 Green Linen, D75_354 Laurel Rose, D75_356 Blue Turquoise, D75_358 Hot Coral, D75_359 Kiwi, D75_390 Peachy Frost, D75_394 Hot Petunia, D75_401 Claret, D75_415 Pacific Blue, D75_420 Cornflower, D75_441 Dark Forest, D75_444 Olive, D75_448 Dark Spinach, D75_452 Spanish Gold, D75_460 Pale Apricot, D75_470 Winter White, D75_480 Silver, D75_495 Powder Pink, D75_500 Crimson, D75_501 Fuschia Bright, D75_505 Light Cornflower, D75_510 Radiant Blue, D75_521 Hunter Green, D75_542 Tan, D75_543 Hemp, D75_551 Pewter, D75_557 Deep Amethyst, D75_575 Spring Green, D75_578 Shamrock, D75_817 Gumballs, D75_818 Plumberries, D75_823 Bowl of Cherries, D75_826 Sunny Day, D75_828 Chocolate Swirl, D75_7702 Burnt Orange, D75_7852 Blush, D75_7862 Terracotta, D75_0004A Medium Blue, D75_0004B Pilot Blue, D75_0004E Miracle Blue, D75_0023A Nugrey, D75_0032A Rose, D75_0032B Dark Rose, D75_0032C Bright Rose, D75_0033A Ming Cherry, D75_0035A Fuschia, D75_0039B Barberry Red, D75_0041A Dark Red, D75_0041B Maroon, D75_0048A London Tan, D75_0054A Summer Brown, D75_0056B Cloister Brown, D75_0057A Dark Nile Green, D75_0061A Forest Green, D75_0063A Field Green, D75_0083A Jungle Gold, D75_0083B Temple Gold, D75_0097B Deep Violet, D75_0106C Soldier Blue, D75_0122A Blue Aqua, D75_0128A Atom Red, D75_0132A Parakeet, D75_0135C Tango, D75_0164B Bronze Green, D75_0287A Bright Green, D75_0294A Celery, D75_0300A Bright Rust, D75_0308A Ultra Violet, D75_0315A Wild Iris, D75_0317A Churchill Green, D75_0320A Hot Pink, D75_0321A Sun Yellow, D75_0324A Kumquat, D75_0401N Electric Pink, D75_0402N Neon Green, D75_0403N Neon Yellow, D75_0404N Neon Orange



End Use


Fiber Content

100% Trilobal Polyester

Hand Needle


Machine Needle


Product Length

1100 yds (600yds multicolor)



3 reviews for Coats Trilobal Embroidery Thread – Mini King Spool


    I love this thread & use the blended thread for hair color different projects. I was wondering if there is color chart to download showing all the D75 colors. Thank you

  2. kathleen chapman

    I have been using this thread for years and I love it. I have purchased it at Joann’s I wish they carried more colors!!!

    • lynnbrowne

      Thanks Lisa, We will pass your comment along.

  3. Stephanie

    This thread is great but I have to add every single individual color to my embroidery software. I have to use the color picker to get the RGB #’s to get the swatch color. I wish they had a downloadable resource for this. Not a link to the same exact page I’m already on.

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