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Coats zipper pulls add a touch of style when used to replace a broken or plain pull on clothing, handbags, or luggage.

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4 reviews for Zipper Pulls

  1. Kara Thomas

    Help! Cannot find any instructions and have broken a few nails trying to get the new zipper pull open.

    • lynnbrowne

      We are sorry that you had a problem with the zipper pull. Here is a video that should help.

  2. Mark

    Both the packaging and the on-line video of the “zipper pull” need some written directions. Neither specifies that you must use pliers to squeeze together the two prongs of the metal wire so that one prong will pop out. I eventually got it, but not without several unkind thoughts about your product’s lack of instructions.

    • lynnbrowne

      We will be revising in the next printing of the package- in the mean time this video makes it a little clearer.

  3. Katie Askew

    Works great for me. So glad to finally have a pull on one of my fav jackets, again. Thank you to Mark! I squeezed the prongs together with my teeth and it popped right open. Super easy when you know.

  4. Nancy Hammond

    I saw the post saying you need pliers to get one prong to pop out. I did and the prong broke. So back to store for another trip to redo the errand. You should have better instructions. And the prong is very fragile. I wonder how it will hold up

    • lynnbrowne

      We are sorry this happened. Please check your email for a message from our Consumer Care Team.

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