Felt Boxes- Quick-and-Easy

These easy little felt boxes have so many uses. They are a fun way to store (or gift) jewelry, or simply a place to put your change at night. They’re also perfect for individual table favors when filled with candy or other small treats.

Though the felt boxes can actually be any size, to cut them from craft-store felt rectangles you’ll need them to be 3” (7.62cm) square or less. If you’re working with yardage, you can go bigger.

These felt boxes work best with a heavier than normal craft weight felt. Look for 3mm-thick felt to help them hold their shape without buckling. It’s readily available online and in some craft stores. If you can’t find it, make your own thicker felt by fusing together two or more layers of craft felt with heavyweight fusible web between. The fun part of that experience is that you can fuse together different colors—one for the lining and one for the outside—or even more layers to create colorful edges.

Decide on the desired size of your box and draw a 9-patch grid on the felt using a chalk marker. If your box is the same size on all sides, each grid square will be the same size. To make a bowl or tray shape instead of a box, follow the same process, noting that the sides will be shorter by comparison to the base. To make a tall container, make the grid sides longer with a smaller base.

The featured boxes are 2” (5.08cm) and 3” (7.62cm), so the cut squares were 6” (15.24cm) and 9” (22.86cm) respectively.

Fold the marked felt diagonally with the markings on the outside, and align the two side lines. Pin securely and stitch from top to bottom, backstitching at both ends. Trim off the felt ¼” (.64cm) beyond the stitching line. Refold on the opposite diagonal and stitch on those matched lines. Trim off the felt ¼” (.64cm) beyond the stitching line.

Brush away the chalk markings if they’re visible and finger-press the lower box edges to shape.

Voila—that’s it!


TIP: For a decorative edge, cut the original square with decorative scissors (like pinking or scallop) around the perimeter before construction.

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  1. Kristine Hammerbacher Reply

    I love these! I love working with felt. Thanks for posting 🙂

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