Quilt Month Giveaway

Quilt Day Give Away

March is Quilt Month and World Quilt Day is March 17. We are celebrating with a fantastic giveaway.Quilt Day Give Away

Here is what you will win:

Coats Quilt+ Cotton Machine Quilting and Piecing Thread– 24 spool assortment

Crisp Petals by Natalie Malen– 1 yard of 5 prints

Janome HD1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine

Dritz Sewing Basket

Fiskars Classic Loop Rotary Cutter, Original Orange Handle Scissors, Seam Ripper/buttonhole cutter

Schmetz Chrome Professional grade machine needles

Click Here to Enter between March 13 to 20. Winner will be announced on March 21


139 thoughts on “Quilt Month Giveaway

  1. Judy Allen Reply

    I can never have too many of these Coats and Clark great tools and supplies

  2. Jodi Breese Reply

    Want a fabulous prize to win. Thank you for offering it! 🙂

  3. Dorothy Speer Reply

    Don’t do a lot of quilting but would like to do more, new supplies or tools would help.

  4. Linda Hickman Reply

    I am a quilter. I love new tools and supplies. Would love a new sewing machine.

  5. Debra Atkinson Reply

    Coats and Clark’s tools is what I love to use., you can never have enough

  6. Barbara Baker Reply

    A wonderful addition to my stash! Never have enough supplies for upcoming projects! Coats and Clark’s is a long time favorite.

  7. Lillyanne yeager Reply

    Would be fantastic to win these Coats and Clark supplies. I’ve been Using your product is long as I can remember. And I’ve been sewing since 1954. I am constantly replenishing my stash.

  8. Lillyanne yeager Reply

    Iloveyourproducts. Would be fantastic to win these Coats and Clark supplies. I’ve been Using your product is long as I can remember. And I’ve been sewing since 1954. I am constantly replenishing my stash.

  9. Christine Price Reply

    I’ve been using Coats & Clark for many years but I’m also using a sewing machine I’d bought since 1983 and I really need to update. Have a great day everyone!

  10. Priscilla Laybolt Reply

    Wow! A wonderful assembly of necessary items to delight anyone of any age! Well done Coats and Clark!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lynsey Reply

    I’ve made very few quilts in my life, because I do not consider myself a “quilter”.

    Those I have made were my way of giving a “hug” to my loved ones, so they could have that thought whenever we were away from each other.

  12. Lynsey Reuber Reply

    I’ve made very few quilts in my life, because I do not consider myself a “quilter”.

    Those I have made were my way of giving a “hug” to my loved ones, so they could have that thought whenever we were away from each other.

  13. Marjorie Schleicher Reply

    I’m a fairly new quilter so it would be wonderful to win these products!

  14. Linda M. Jung Reply

    I was 7 years old when my Grandma started teaching me to embroider and sew on her Singer treadle machine. We used Coats & Clark’s embroidery thread. I’m going to be 62 in a couple of months and to this day, I still use Coats & Clark’s threads. After my Grandma passed I was left her sewing things. I found Coats & Clark’s thread from what must have been when she was a young girl. I treasure not only hers but my Moms sewing things. I still love to hand embroider, baby blankets are my favorites. I use the old patterns from Grandma little magazines she use to get every month. Thank You Grandma…

  15. Maryann Gamble Reply

    I love all of the exciting projects that I receive periodically from Coats & Clark.
    I look forward to trying these so that I can broaden my sewing and quilting skills.

  16. Patricia Hughes Reply

    Love your products and would love these prizes! I have 2 granddaughters that could use this machine and all the goodies. I believe if you invest in the future and teach them skills they will pass it on to future generations. That’s a lot of sewing projects in our future!

  17. Linda Reply

    Love Coats & Clark thread and tools. I’d love to win this fabulous prize.

  18. Patricia Hughes Reply

    Love your products and would love these prizes. . I believe if you invest in the future and teach them skills they will pass it on to future generations. That’s a lot of sewing projects in our future!

  19. Sandi Reply

    As a fairly new quilter I would love to win this prize. It would make a great addition to my limited quilt supplies.

  20. Virginia Reply

    There is a reason why Coats & Clark has been around for so many years. Some of those reasons are quality, variety, versatility and value. Another reason is that Coats & Clark has been sharing with the sewing community ideas that inspire us to turn our dreams into reality.

  21. Vernagrace Reply

    Coats and Clark thread and tools have held quilts together that my Mom made decades ago and I would love to win this package and put them to good use like she did.

  22. Tona Reply

    What a generous giveaway! Coats & Clark is the best. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Dahlia Reply

    Oooh…would love to win this awesome bounty – I could use the upgrade!!

  24. Lynne Ravas Reply

    What a wonderful selection of products! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  25. Betty C Edwards Reply

    II’ve been a customer and fan of C & C for years, I think my grandmother used their thread! Can you enter more than once?

  26. Mary Reply

    What an amazing variety of products! This would allow unlimited creativity.
    Thank you, Coats and Clark for generations of possibilities.

  27. Joan Rioux Reply

    Getting ready to retire and sew for the kids and grandkids. Setting up my sewing are and what a fantastic addition this would be.

  28. Ruthi Hoadley Reply

    What a wonderful machine to give away! Also all the great quilting supplies to great with! Pick me!

  29. Cathy Reply

    Coats and Clark thread is my first choice for all my sewing projects

  30. Cheryl A Scheffel Reply

    I still only use Coats & Clark thread after 53 years of sewing! This would be an awesome win!!

  31. Anne Imler Reply

    Coats & Clark brand of thread has always been the go to brand that I have relied for 50 plus years. My mother always drilled in my head to start out with a good thread on any sewing project. Fiskar, Dritz, and Schmetz are also good brands to count on. I have never had a Janome machine but that’s who my mother relied on. I never buy any other sewing machine needles but Schmetz for any sewing that I do. When I was in my sewing business I would buy the needles by the 100 piece box. I would love to win this prize.

  32. Helen E. Young Reply

    A perfect set of material to make a special project for the new great grandbaby! Coats & Clark has been a staple in a sewing room since my grandmothers day. Love me some Coats & Clark, Fiskars, Janome, Schmetz, Dritz and material fit for a a little princess.

  33. LoAnn Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway. Everything would be great to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  34. Jean De Mange Reply

    Coats and Clark go back to my childhood days with steady, useful products and good name. Hopefully they will be around forever, they are a household name in mine!

  35. Leann Williams Reply

    I love Coats & Clark thread and thank you for all the free patterns

  36. LizAnn Reply

    A new machine with thread and all the other notions. Would be wonderful

  37. Beth Sims Reply

    I have used coats and Clark thread and all their other products for years. Thank you for this beautiful free quilt pattern. I do plan to use it.

  38. Denise V. Reply

    Love all the prizes listed. Coats and Clark thanks for the opportunity to win.

  39. Cathryn Harper Reply

    Coats and Clarks thread was a staple in my Mother’s sewing room, as it is in mine.

  40. Tammy H. Reply

    I would love to win this prize it would help to improve my quilting skills. I am still very much a beginner.

  41. Bonnie Dini Reply

    I like the dependability of the Coats and Clark name. I would love to be a recipient of one of your quilting prizes . Thanks for offering this opportunity.

  42. Margaret Logue Reply

    I always use Coats and Clark threads because I know their quality and have for many years. I would be so happy to win the wonderful prizes. Thank you for the opportunity.

  43. Bonnie Dini Reply

    I like the dependability of the Coats and Clark name. I would love to be a recipient of one of your quilting gifts.

  44. Cindy Turner Reply

    I have all kinds of Coats and Clark products. Even items from the 1920s that are Coats only and Clark only before the two companies merged. Great sewing supplies! Enjoy using them daily.

  45. Gail Reply

    A Fantastic set of prizes that I would love to win! Thank you for a chance to win it !!!

  46. Angie Reply

    Winning these amazing prizes would be so awesome! There is no better way to usher in Spring!

  47. Marcella Reply

    Wonderful selection of prizes. All top notch products. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  48. Peggy Gibbs Reply

    Would love to win this for my charity sewing. I cross stitch and sew for World of Charity Stitching, where we make quilts, totes, pillows, and many more gifts for seniors and children.

  49. Michelle Reply

    I’ve just started quilting and these prizes would be so great.

  50. Debgh Reply

    I have always used Coats and Clarks sewing supplies, really there products are the best to use.

  51. Marie Dulaney Reply

    Use Coats & Clark thread all the time. Would love to win these prizes. I am in 2 quilt guilds. We make Quilts of Valor and have one presentation a year.

  52. Teresa Downum Reply

    Thank you much for opportunity to win! Nice prizes. Been using coats and Clark since my home ec class in high school.

  53. Corrine Reply

    Love, Love, Love Coats products. I can never have too many. Needing a new sewing machine. Winning this would be great. I would be able to start my next project.

  54. Debra Grove Reply

    What fabulous prizes to celebrate! Love Coats and Clark and the wonderful free downloads!!’

  55. Loretta J Hunt Reply

    Please let me finally win someone!! Lol. I live all these products!! Fabulous gift !

  56. Sandra Timmons Reply

    Just love Coats – can never have enough fabric or quilting tools. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveway.

    Sandi Timmons

  57. Lori Christ Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway. I’m very new to quilting and this would help!

  58. jean Reply

    I have been exposed to Coats&Clark, which is my grandparent’s name, for all my life. From playing with the wooden spools from tread to sewing with this thread on all my garments and other projects

  59. Helen Bowie Reply

    I grew up with Coats in our home. My mom used it all the time; swore by their thread quality. I am amazed at the wonderful Quilt Month give away….so many items! I would be so happy to win anything, thanks for the chance.

  60. Cathie Ross Reply

    Spring time, Easter Time and any time sewing with Coats and Clarks is a treat. I have saved the wooden spools from C&C and display them in my Quilt Workroom. Brings back many memories.

  61. Deborah Rogers Reply

    Is it one entry per person or once a day or multi entries?

  62. Carol Reply

    I go through a lot of Coats & Clark thread with all the donations projects I am currently working on. It is always to gain extra notions and other supplies.

  63. Catherine Tripp Reply

    I would love the opportunity to win these Coats products for sewing and quilting a nod would love it if Australians 🇦🇺 have a chance of winning.

  64. Vickie Hughes Chupp Reply

    What a fantastic giveaway. I would love to win this. I have been sewing since the seventh grade. It is my happy place along with knitting and crocheting. ❤️❤️❤️

  65. Anna Little Reply

    For over 4 years now I have several ladies who come to my home, basement room set up with large tables, sewing machines, sergers, ironing area, etc. We sew quilts for our local hospital to sell in their gift shop, also burp cloths, little laundry bags, and fitted sheets for the nicu unit beds, as well as quilts, blankets & pillowcases for the Women in Crises Centre. To win this wonderful package would be a wonderful addition to our projects.

  66. Cindy Bacon Reply

    Thank you Coats for allowing us to celebrate you and your amazing products.

  67. Mary D Reply

    Lots of nice needed tools in this giveaway. I have used Coats & Clark thread for many years. It is a staple.


  68. Chris Leoanrd Reply

    Coat’s and Clarks’s products are great. I really like there embroidery thread for machine sewing. Works great in my embroidery machines. Thread colors are great. Wish more stores carried the thread. Would love to win all the great items!

  69. Sandra (Sandy) Toomer Reply

    As a 74 year old quilter, I still remember my mother buying Coats and Clark thread. She would ask me to help match colors. A very fond memory. I am now teaching my grand daughters (12 and 15) the secrets of sewing that I have learned from numerous friends and teachers. One loves it and wants to sew every time she comes over and the other sews sometimes. I just love sharing all my knowledge with them and anyone that wants to learn.

  70. Barbara Powers Reply

    Coats has been a family name all my life and I am going on 72. This is a wonderful contest.

  71. Renee' Conway Reply

    This is an amazing opportunity, as my sewing machine after 33 years is not doing to well. I have been sewing since I was 3, now 71 and going strong. I only purchase your products.

  72. Anna Hutchins Reply

    Love Coats & Clark. Grew up with them, they are still awesome with prices an quality.

  73. Lori Parker Reply

    I would love to learn to sew and make nice things for my new great grandbaby. I have used coats products and it would be nice to win and thank you for a chance to win an awesome give away. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful and blessed day.

  74. Joyce Reply

    As much sewing as I do for others I am always running out of material and thread, this would be great to have.

  75. Andrea Ross Reply

    Grew up using Coats and Clark. Great products. I would live to win them.

  76. Christina Harrison Reply

    Been using Coats and Clark’s threads for many years. Now after teaching granddaughter to sew she also is using your threads .Great threads

  77. Patricia Reply

    Wow great fabric, great thread, great notions to put in great sewing basket to use with great machine. Wow COATS! Thank you for great contest.

  78. Vella Reply

    Who wouldn’t love to have such a wonderful assortment of goodies Trusted names quality products. Its a no brained for me.

  79. Alice Moore Reply

    Nice prize. Using coats & Clark’s for many years. Always can find the color I need.

  80. Mary Gray Hoffman Reply

    Oo-La-La!! I still am using an old singer..have been for almost 15 yrs. I would be thrilled to wi all of this. Thank you so very much. Blessings to you.

  81. Connie in Florissant Reply

    Have used Coats and Clark’s threads since I started sewing, love them all. What a wonderful prize package, would love to win, thanks for the chance.

  82. Keri Anderson Reply

    What wonderful prizes!
    Thanks for this chance to win – I would love to be the winner!

  83. Maria Robinson Reply

    That’s one heck of a prize, who ever win this is sure to be very happy

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Yes- Sally Johnson– She is very excited and it has already been shipped!

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