Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 1


Hey all you quilting enthusiasts!!

Today is the kick off for the Quilt+ Star Dance quilt along.  Are you excited?  I’m always jumping up and down at the beginning of a new quilt and this one is no different.

Today we are going to go over the schedule for the quilt along, fill you in on awesome prizes, and give you an Introduction PDF so that you can gather up your fabrics and supplies and be ready to make blocks next week.




Our intentions for this quilt along is to connect you with other quilters and make a quilt together.  There’s nothing like getting a little encouragement and support from someone making the exact same project.  Even if you don’t know that person in real life, it doesn’t matter.  Connection through our love of making quilts is one of my favorite feelings.

In efforts of connecting, leave comments below or join the quilting community on Instagram.  Use the #quiltplusstardancequiltalong for your progress photos and like and comment on other participants photos.  It really makes a quilt along even better!  If you are looking for me, I’m @SouthernCharmQuilts on there.

Our other intention is to introduce you to Coats & Clark’s brand new thread for quilters called Quilt+.  I’ve been using this thread since this past May and I’m here to tell you that it is luscious.  LUSCIOUS!  It’s a 30 weight long staple Egyptian cotton thread.  My favorite thing about it is that it’s thicker than what I was previously used to using and makes the quilting really pop from the quilt.  If you’ve been wanting your quilting to stand out, this is YOUR thread!



About the Quilt

Above is the quilt we will be making together.  You and me and anyone wanting to join in!

Quilt Details:

  • Name – Star Dance
  • Measures – 60″ square
  • Features – 25 blocks

Find an Introduction PDF with fabric requirements and coloring sheet right here.

Feel free to use any fabric your heart desires.  I’m going to be using solids by Alison Glass called Kaleidoscope and low volume for my background fabrics.  You can read more about my fabric choices here.  You do you!

Find the Star Dance quilt pattern here in case you want to jump in and get an early start cutting your fabrics.



Quilt Along Schedule

A new post about the quilt along will go live every Thursday starting today and ending June 30.  Here’s a schedule to keep you on track with what we are doing each week:

July 26 – Kick off & Introduction – You will receive an Introduction PDF with fabric supplies and a coloring sheet.

August 2 – You will receive the pattern to the quilt (it’s free), a video tutorial for the block and we will jump in and make 7 blocks to start.

August 9 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 16 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 23 – We will be making 6 blocks and sewing our blocks together to make our quilt top.

August 30 – We will finish our quilt and show off our quilting.




There are two ways to win prizes in the quilt along.  The prizes will be for anyone participating and chosen randomly.  Prize winners will be announced at the very end of the quilt along.

You can enter using the form on the blog here.  There will be four winners chosen.  Prizes for entering this way are:  

  • First Winner – Week 2 – August 2 –  Coats Quilt+ Piecing and Quilting Thread- 12 Spool Assortment.   
  • Second Winner – Week 4 – August 16 – Coats Quilt+ Piecing and Quilting Thread- 12 Spool Assortment. 
  • Third Winner- Week 5 – August 23 – Coats Quilt+ Piecing and Quilting Thread- 12 Spool Assortment.
  • Fourth Winner –  Final week – August 30 – Coats Quilt+ Piecing and Quilting Thread- 24 Spool Assortment

The second way to enter is on Instagram and there will be one winner chosen.  All you need to do is post a progress photo and use the #quiltplusstardancequiltalong to be entered.  You can enter as many times as you like with this one.  You will need to be following @MakeitCoats and me, @SouthernCharmQuilts and tag both of us in your entry.  If you have your account set to private we will not be able to see your entry, so please change that setting if you’d like a chance to win (you can always change it back later).  I’ll be announcing the winner of this prize in an Instagram post on my account on August 30.  We’ve got an “extra special” prize for entering this way: 1 each of the Basic, Neutral and Brights 12 spool boxes. 

Feel free to enter using both methods for more chances to win.

Are you excited?  I’m jumping up and down!  I LOVE thread!



Where can I buy this thread?

I’ll be using the Quilt+ thread for my quilting and piecing (that’s what it’s made for).  It’s okay if you are not using it!  The next time you are shopping for thread, however, give it a try.  The quilting is especially yummy.  I can’t wait to show you with my finished quilt.  I plan on really going outside of my comfort zone with free motion quilting for this quilt.  I’m excited…..and nervous.  🙂

JOANN stores have the full line of 48 colors in their store.  If you have one of their stores near you, drop in and check out the selection.  You can also have a look at all 48 colors here.  I think Macaw and Icy Blue are my two favorite colors.  They are SO yummy!

If you are an online shopper I’ve got you covered!  You can find the threads at the following links:

Amazon – has the Basics, Neutrals and Bright in 12-spool box and the 24 spool box

Fabric.comFind lots of spools here.

Quilting-WarehouseIndividual spools here

Annie’s CatalogHas a few spools available here


We’d love it if you shared the graphic above to spread the word about our quilt along.  Invite your friends!  The more, the merrier!

Now go and gather your supplies.  Enjoy the week scheming up a color palette for your quilt.  I’ll see you next Thursday!

Do you need help or have questions?  Let’s connect:

Email / Blog / Instagram 


55 thoughts on “Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 1

  1. Carmen Ivette Cuevas Reply

    If this a 30 weight cotton, what would you recommend for piecing?

  2. Betty Reply

    Love the photo of the QAL! Star Dance sounds like it would be a beautiful quilt. I want to try those threads!

  3. Spinnin Jenny Reply

    Is this block hand or machine stitched? I love the colors you’ve chosen, the Star really pops!

  4. alice j ranburger Reply

    I would love this I do quilts a lot love to win the threads

  5. Joanna Reply

    I love the Friendship Star block and will try the Quilt+ thread on making this quilt. Looking forward to next week’s sewing.

  6. Lorianne Reply

    Looking forward to giving this a try. We recently moved and I am trying to get my sewing supplies unpacked. I hope I find everything in time to keep up with everyone. lol!

  7. Jennifer W. Reply

    I have to admit, I’ve used Coats and Clark thread since I started sewing at the age of 9 for 4-H. I still use Coats and Clark thread for quilting and piecing. My machine tolerates it the best of all the threads and I have tried many. And since I am off on medical leave for another two weeks I started the QAL and have 4 blocks completed. They go together FAST! I am making my quilt a bit bigger=36 blocks. Can’t wait to see this completed!!

  8. Paulette Reply

    I do not see where on the C&C blog where to register for the quilt along? Can you help me find it on the page please.

  9. Kathrie Travers Reply

    Looking forward to this quilt. I plan on going scrappy and working from my stash. I would like to know approximately what type of yardage I would need to the 5″squares that are not the friendship block. Thanks, Kathrie

  10. Georgia Dahnke Reply

    I would love to try this, but I will be away on vacation during this one. I would like to try it sometime, so please add me to your list for another time.

  11. brenda Reply

    Wanted to get back into quilting. This square looks like a good one to start with. Will have to finalize crochet project and get ready for sewing

  12. Nancy Gay Reply

    This sounds like fun; I’d like to join in! I’ve NEVER completed a whole quilt before. I sew A LOT and have been making quilted table runners, which you can check out on my FB page @FixintoStitch. I don’t have an Instagram account. I just stumbled across this QuiltAlong tonight, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions later. I know just the fabric I’d like to use (bought over 20 years ago and never made that quilt)!

  13. Hope Deppe Reply

    I was very excited about this project when I received notice from Coats & Clark – have several blocks made already. Unfortunately I missed the statement about it being an Instagram group so I can’t post pictures of my progress. So sorry there isn’t a group for it on Facebook too.

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      That’s great! You can still enter the drawing to win our Thread Give-away. We also welcome any pictures you would like to share on Facebook.


    I have tried using 30 weight thread (another brand ) but not been successful will you have some hints about adjusting my machine .I have only used Coasts and Clark thread starting with doll clothes 60+ years ago. I was thrilled to win an Anniversary box (looks like a book) of thread a few years ago, and arranged to have it delivered to a US post box as I was only offered a cheque as a prize (there was a problem with delivery to Canada.) The prize also included a tin Anniversary box-Love it.

  15. Marcia Reply

    Hi. I am starting late and am pretty new to quilting. If this is a silly question, please excuse it. I am wondering if I can use charm packs for this quilt since the majority of it is 5″ squares? Thanks very much! I am eager to start. I have never done a quilt along before.

  16. Jamie Reply

    I decided to join in! Usually I use aurifil thread but since Coats is sponsoring this quilt along, I popped into my JoAnn’s to check out the thread. Sadly, there were only 10 colors and they were on the very bottom of a shelf not even in the Coats and Clark display. I picked up two spools of neutral color to try, but I would have bought more if other colors were available. I shop at the California, Maryland Joann’s. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaways and this fun pattern!

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      We are so glad you are joining in and giving Coats Quilt+ a try. We wish you could have found more colors too! The number of colors available depends on the size of the JOANN store. Be sure to enter our drawing– maybe you can win more!

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