Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 3


Welcome to week 3!

I’m thrilled you are here.  It’s been a great block making week.  I’m still crazy happy with my color choices and I want to see YOUR blocks!

Are you using the #quiltplusstardancequiltalong on Instagram?  Please do!  I want to encourage you and also I could just scroll through yummy quilty photos all day so go and post, post, post.

This Week’s Goal

This week’s goal is to make 6 blocks.  No biggie, right?  If you find yourself “behind”, don’t sweat it.  You are on YOUR OWN timetable and you don’t have to have certain tasks done to win the prizes.  You are eligible just for participating.

So enjoy your block making, move at your own pace, and feel encouraged to just go do your own thing with these blocks, even if that means changing them up a little.  Make yourself happy!

I happen to be making myself happy with the pink and yellow block in the corner of the picture above.  Don’t tell the other blocks, but that one might be my fave.  🙂



Some Thoughts on Quilt+

Our delectable thread that we are using, Quilt+, is a fairly thicker thread in the machine quilting world.  It’s a 30 weight long staple Egyptian cotton.

With a thread so thick, you might need to change your needle.  I like to use a size 100/16 Topstitch needle when working with it.  It’s perfect for piecing (top and bobbin), and AMAZING for quilting.

Here’s where you can purchase Quilt+:

JOANN stores have the full line of 48 colors in their store.  If you have one of their stores near you, drop in and check out the selection.  You can also have a look at all 48 colors here.

If you are an online shopper I’ve got you covered!  You can find the threads at the following links:

Amazon – has the BasicsNeutrals and Bright in 12-spool box and the 24 spool box

Fabric.com – Find lots of spools here.

Quilting-Warehouse – Individual spools here

Annie’s Catalog – Has a few spools available here


Quilt Along Schedule

July 26 – Kick off & Introduction – You will receive an Introduction PDF with fabric supplies and a coloring sheet.

August 2 – You will receive the pattern to the quilt (it’s free), a video tutorial for the block and we will jump in and make 7 blocks to start.

August 9 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 16 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 23 – We will be making 6 blocks and sewing our blocks together to make our quilt top.

August 30 – We will finish our quilt and show off our quilting.



Link Recap



We’ll have a total of 13 blocks after today.  Whew!  Let’s pat ourselves on the back a little bit.  We all know that’s quite a lot of half square triangles and those little devils, though fairly simple to make, are also finicky as heck.  So congrats, lovely quilter!  You are awesome!

Do you need help or have questions?  Let’s connect:

Email / Blog / Instagram 


3 thoughts on “Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 3

  1. Jennifer Reply

    I have 24 of my 36 completed. 6 more are waiting to be sized and sewn together. Almost there!

  2. brenda Reply

    I am happy too. Have not quilted for a while. Thanks for tip on pressing and starch! My coworker that has never quilted has joined in also.

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