Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 4


It’s week 4!  How are we here already?

I haven’t mentioned this until now, but I so rarely use solids.  I feel like I’m cheating on my prints a bit.  Hehe!  It’s good to step out of your own box some though, I think.  Plus, I keep dreaming of free motion quilting with this yummy Quilt+ thread and I think it’ll show up so much better on some solids.  We shall see!

This Week’s Goal

This week’s goal once more is to make 6 blocks.  After we do this week’s work we should have 19 blocks.  Whoa!  I’m really into watching the quilt grow.  Each week I add the new blocks to the other blocks I’ve completed on my design wall.  It’s a really good motivator.



Are you new and just now joining in?  Here’s a recap:

July 26 – Kick off & Introduction – You will receive an Introduction PDF with fabric supplies and a coloring sheet.

August 2 – You will receive the pattern to the quilt (it’s free), a video tutorial for the block and we will jump in and make 7 blocks to start.

August 9 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 16 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 23 – We will be making 6 blocks and sewing our blocks together to make our quilt top.

August 30 – We will finish our quilt and show off our quilting.



Picking out the three fabrics for each block is my favorite part!  I’m also already thinking about quilting each block in a different Quilt+ thread.  I’ve never done that before.  I’m half nervous, half excited!



Interesting Facts about Quilt+ thread

  • It’s made with Egyptian extra long staple cotton – This means it uses the very best quality cotton on the market.
  • It’s a 30 weight thread – The weight of thread refers to it’s size.  30 weight is a bit thicker when it comes to thread and should stand out a little more when free motion quilting than a higher weight will.
  • This thread was made especially for quilters – I think that bit of info speaks for itself.  🙂
  • There are 48 colors to choose from – Joann’s stores offers every one of them (there’s even a color called pineapple.  Eep!)
  • They feature a no wobble spool – For me this is something often overlooked.  I like that there’s no top on the spools.  That means my thread won’t be getting caught on the plastic to give me loads of trouble.

If you are an online shopper, you can find Quilt+ at the following places:

Amazon – has the BasicsNeutrals and Bright in 12-spool box and the 24 spool box

Fabric.com – Find lots of spools here.

Quilting-Warehouse – Individual spools here

Annie’s Catalog – Has a few spools available here



We’re growing so fast!  I’m totally digging that secondary design of the quilt.  Do you see the lattice effect?  So fun!

Don’t forget to use the  #quiltplusstardancequiltalong on Instagram.  There’s a mega prize to be won there on August 30.  There’s weekly prizes to be won right here on the blog too.  Have you filled out an entry form?  We are announcing a winner every week and somebody has to win, you know?  It might as well be you.  Good luck!

Link Recap

Do you need help or have questions?  Let’s connect:

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