Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 5

Quilt Plus Star Dance


Congrats for making it to week 5!  Give yourself a little pat on your back and tell yourself how much you rock.  We are almost there!

I don’t know about you, but after this week’s tasks, we will have made 200 half square triangles, and I’m thinking that deserves it’s own round of applause.  What do you think?

This Week’s Goal

This week we get to make our last six blocks and sew our squares together for a finished quilt top.  YES!

I always get a little giddy when I get to this place with my quilt making.  Seeing that finished quilt top!  Eek!  I can already feel myself snuggled up under the quilt.



Tips for Piecing together Your Quilt Top

  • I personally like to put all my blocks on a design wall, but your floor will work just as well.  Then let them sit for a bit, while you gaze.  Maybe snap a picture and stare at the picture.  Move the blocks around until you are pleased with the overall look.
  • There are many ways to piece all your blocks together.  If you’ve got a way that you love doing it, keep doing it!  For me, I start with the very bottom row and work my way up.
  • Alternate your seams when you press to make sure you seams can nest later or press your seams open for less bulk.




As you know we’ve been giving a way a box set each week of Quilt+ thread.  Coats & Clark announces the winners on Facebook.  But did you know the very best prize is yet to come!  It’s happening on Instagram.

All you need to do is post a progress photo and use the #quiltplusstardancequiltalong to be entered.  You can enter as many times as you like with this one.  You will need to be following @MakeitCoats and me, @SouthernCharmQuilts and tag both of us in your entry.  If you have your account set to private we will not be able to see your entry, so please change that setting if you’d like a chance to win (you can always change it back later).  I’ll be announcing the winner of this prize in an Instagram post on my account on August 30.  We’ve got an “extra special” prize for entering this way: 1 each of the Basic, Neutral and Brights 12 spool boxes.



Need the quilt along schedule?  Find it here:

July 26 – Kick off & Introduction – You will receive an Introduction PDF with fabric supplies and a coloring sheet.

August 2 – You will receive the pattern to the quilt (it’s free), a video tutorial for the block and we will jump in and make 7 blocks to start.

August 9 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 16 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 23 – We will be making 6 blocks and sewing our blocks together to make our quilt top.

August 30 – We will finish our quilt and show off our quilting.



I really hope you are loving your quilt so far!  I am definitely loving mine.  I like those few pops of yellow in it.  Tell me in the comments what you like about your quilt.  Are you using some to die for fabrics?  Did you change something up and make it your own?  Tell me, tell me.  I could gush about quilts all day.



Quilt+ Thread

Have you tried Coats and Clark’s new Quilt+ thread yet?  I make a lot of quilts and I’m constantly finding myself choosing it especially for my quilting.  I like the thickness of it.  It really shows up!

My plan is to free motion quilt different designs on each of my stars with a complimenting color thread.  It’s going to be yummy!  Fingers crossed.

JOANN stores have the full line of 48 colors in their store.  If you have one of their stores near you, drop in and check out the selection.  You can also have a look at all 48 colors here.

If you are an online shopper I’ve got you covered!  You can find the threads at the following links:

Amazon – has the BasicsNeutrals and Bright in 12-spool box and the 24 spool box

Fabric.com – Find lots of spools here.

Quilting-Warehouse – Individual spools here

Annie’s Catalog – Has a few spools available here



Link Recap

Do you need help or have questions?  Let’s connect:

Email / Blog / Instagram 



2 thoughts on “Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt Along – Week 5

  1. Julie Spear Reply

    I cant decide if this is the quilt I should attempt as my very first quilt to actually QUILT!! i have done all of the piecing on my Stardance with the Coats Quilt Plus and I love it!!! I was already almost exclusively using the Coats machine quilting thread, but it seems like this Quilt Plus thread is a bit smoother and less lint too!!! I LOVE IT!!! Now, I have to decide whether to quilt my self or not…? I dont want to ruin it – its SO PRETTY!!!!!

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