Quilt+ Star Dance Quilt – Week 6

Quilt Plus Star Dance Quilt


What a week!  I don’t think I’ve ever put so much love into the quilting of a quilt.  I might have went a little overboard.  I cannot wait to show you what I’ve done up close.  I’m also LOVING seeing all of YOUR quilt pictures on Instagram too.  Take a look here to browse the Star Dance work happening all around.

This Week’s Goal

Now that we have our finished quilt top, it’s time to get your beauty made into a quilt.  And that is exactly what our goal is this week.  I think this is where you will find exactly how much the Quilt+ thread shines.



Tips for Finishing Your Quilt

  • Make backing and cut batting – For me, I like to make my backing and batting both measure 6″ bigger than my quilt top.  For Star Dance that means 66″ square.  If you have a standard size you tend to make yours, go for it.
  • Basting – I always spray baste my quilts on a wall.  It saves my poor knees from all the crawling around.  I’ve got a wall basting tutorial for you here if you are interested.  If you prefer pin basting, don’t let me hold you back!
  • Quilting – I like to think of quilting as the calm after the storm.  I do all this work to get my quilt made, and then I just relax, zone out, put on some music and start free motion quilting.  Here’s a tutorial for a basic meander if you’ve never done it before.
  • Binding – I machine bind.  It’s quicker and stronger and by the time I get to the binding of a quilt, I’m ready to call it a day.  I have a machine binding tutorial for you here.  Kudos, if you prefer hand binding.  I do think it’s much more lovely than the machine style.



Just in case you are interested in how I quilted my own quilt:  Within each star I quilted a different design.  There were about 5-6 different designs I used, such as: meander, twirls, circlies, stuff like that.  On the four corners of each block I quilted little loopy peaks and then on the background, I just quilted squiggly lines running down the length.

It’s very thickly quilted, much thicker than I normally do.  I always thought that adding different components of free motion quilting would go too slow, but I have to say it was not that much trouble and I really like the effect.

I also swapped up my thread color for the different stars.  I’ve made them NOT match and this makes the quilting stand out even more.



Need the quilt along schedule?  Find it here:

July 26 – Kick off & Introduction – You will receive an Introduction PDF with fabric supplies and a coloring sheet.

August 2 – You will receive the pattern to the quilt (it’s free), a video tutorial for the block and we will jump in and make 7 blocks to start.

August 9 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 16 – We will be making 6 blocks.

August 23 – We will be making 6 blocks and sewing our blocks together to make our quilt top.

August 30 – We will finish our quilt and show off our quilting.



Link Recap




As you know we’ve been giving a way a box set each week of Quilt+ thread.  Coats & Clark announces the winners on Facebook.  But this evening the biggest prize of all is being given away on Instagram!  I’ll announce the winner on my feed sometime this evening.

All you need to do is post a progress photo and use the #quiltplusstardancequiltalong to be entered.  You can enter as many times as you like with this one.  You will need to be following @MakeitCoats and me, @SouthernCharmQuilts and tag both of us in your entry.  If you have your account set to private we will not be able to see your entry, so please change that setting if you’d like a chance to win (you can always change it back later).

We’ve got an “extra special” prize for entering this way: 1 each of the Basic, Neutral and Brights 12 spool boxes.

YES!  The Instagram winner will be getting three boxes of thread.  If you haven’t already go post a picture or two or three!

You don’t have to have your quilt completed, just your progress will do!  Good luck!



Quilt+ Thread

If you haven’t tried the Quilt+ thread yet, don’t forget to the next time you need thread.  You will not be disappointed with it.  It’s made specifically for us quilters!

JOANN stores have the full line of 48 colors in their store.  If you have one of their stores near you, drop in and check out the selection.  You can also have a look at all 48 colors here.

If you are an online shopper you can find the threads at the following links:

Amazon – has the BasicsNeutrals and Bright in 12-spool box and the 24 spool box

Fabric.com – Find lots of spools here.

Quilting-Warehouse – Individual spools here

Annie’s Catalog – Has a few spools available here



I have very much enjoyed making this quilt with you and I hope you enjoyed it too!  It’s been fun!  Getting to know you has been my favorite part, that and snuggling up under this quilt anyway.  😉

I’m quite obsessed with quilt alongs and always have one going.  If you find you are ready to start another, visit my blog.  Some of you may know that I do make custom quilt labels.  I have one designed especially for this quilt.  Click here for those details.

A big thank you to Coats & Clark for bringing us together and sponsoring this event.  And thanks for making us quilters such a yummy thread.


Do you need help or have questions?  Let’s connect:

Email / Blog / Instagram 


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