Quilting the Rainbow with Fabulous Color

Quilting the Rainbow is a fabulous way to use and learn about color. The tutorials I’ve collected for you below are skillful designs that creatively showcase beautiful fabrics. From traditional to improv, these wonderful quilts will take you somewhere over the rainbow, way up high in your quilting life!

Image Source: Cluck Cluck Sew

Strip & Flip Rainbow Baby Quilt

“Scrappy” is a perfect fit for quilting the rainbow! The perky baby quilt designed by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew is radiantly colorful and beginner friendly, too. Use as many or as few colors as you’d like for this simple strip and flip design! You’ll cut, pair and sew strips first, then assemble them together for re-cutting. It’s a quick, enjoyable, style of quilting that you can easily customize with solids, prints or a combination of fabric designs. Allison includes a link to the finishing post on her site, so you’ll have all the details you need for success. Click here for the Strip & Flip Rainbow Baby Quilt tutorial.

Image Source: Daydreams of Quilts

Scrap Busting Rainbow Quilt

Anita of the Daydreams of Quilts blog spent quite a bit of time organizing her fabric scraps by color. Once they were organized, of course, she had to create a design for quilting the rainbow of scraps she found. The bonus for you is that Anita offers great tips on scrap organization along with her lovely quilt instructions! She suggests that you use only what you have on hand, but you’re not limited by that. Using just the right fabric is key to a successful quilt, so do buy whatever you need!

Using her EQ7 software, Anita designed a quilt diagram that will be very helpful as you assemble your blocks. To design your own layout, save the diagram and re-color it in your photo editing software. You’ll create four patch blocks and snowball setting blocks using white and assemble them to create a 74” x 92” quilt top. Anita used the background fabric for a border to complete the rainbow. Click here for the Scrap Busting Rainbow Quilt tutorial.

Image Source: All People Quilt

Rainbow Chevron Mini Quilt

Quilting the rainbow in chevrons creates a beautiful display of fabulous color. The Rainbow Mini Quilt I found on All People Quilt is inspired by a Megan Pitz design and stitched by Jody Sanders. You’ll need white for the solid in-between units and an assortment of colors for the rainbow. This mini-quilt, just 10-1/2” x 14-1/2” finished is assembled with tiny cuts and a bit of patience. You’ll put together fabrics in eight different half-square triangle units, then stitch them into vertical rows. The column assembly is an easy way to make a mini-quilt and you’ll have a lot of fun with this one! The finishing touch is a striking black and white striped binding. Dots or checks would be stunning, too. Click here for the Rainbow Mini Quilt tutorial.

Image Source: Wombat Quilts

Urban Chicken Rainbow Quilt

Urban Chicken – an unusual name for an uncommonly wonderful quilt! Cath of the Wombat Quilts blog made this quilt on a Charity Sew Day with her local Modern Quilt  Guild. Designed by fellow member, Michelle, it was originally a strip quilt, varied by Cath to use pre-cut 3-1/2” squares, it’s a versatile design that you can make any way you’d like!

You’ll need four different shades of each fabric color you choose, plus white or off-white. You’ll make 12-1/2” blocks constructed of squares in a 3 x 12 grid with a column of “chicken” units added. Quilting the rainbow for the Urban Chicken is similar to a Trip Around the World design. You can easily vary your chicken units to make your blocks unique. Click here for the Urban Chicken Rainbow Quilt tutorial.

Image Source: Rossie Crafts

Improvisational Rainbow Block

Sewing improvisational blocks is a delightful way to quilt the rainbow. Rossie of the Rossie Crafts blog, stitched this marvelous quilt in response to a rainbow quilt challenge. She chose the technique used in her previous quilt design, Autumn Columns, to create these amazing towers of color. It’s a fun way to combine fabrics in a distinctive design that goes together quickly! Rossie’s color diagrams for cutting and piecing make this quilt easy to assemble. The final step will be a creative delight as you decide the arrangement of the columns stitched from your blocks! Click here for the Improvisational Rainbow Block tutorial.

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