Quilting With Stripes

I’ll warn you right up front – quilting with stripes is addictive! Striped fabrics ensure that every quilt and often every block are unique and amazing. Watching the patterns emerge is an exciting adventure, but there are a few things that will make that adventure the most successful. In the quilts and tutorials I’ve gathered today, you’ll learn all you need to know to become a Sassy Super-Stripe Quilter!

Whirligig Stripes Quilt
Image Source: Patchwork Posse

Whirligig Quilt

If quilting with stripes seems tough, Becky from the Patchwork Posse blog has encouraging words for you. She was puzzled about using striped fabric she was given charity quilting and cleverly created this beautiful Whirligig Quilt. Rather than using the stripes just as background fabric, she chose a  Pinwheel Block for more of a challenge. The blocks are simple, quick and stunning and you’ll love making them. Decide what size block you want to use and just follow Becky’s easy steps. She’ll take you through auditioning stripes and placement decisions all the way through to the finishing! Click here for the Whirligig Quilt tutorial.

Image Source: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Quartered Stripes Quilt

Jenny Doan, the queen of Missouri Quilt Star Co. loves fabric just like the rest of us. The delight she shows in her Quartered Stripe Quilt YouTube video is infectious and totally confidence inspiring! The special cutting and setting of the blocks makes this such a fun quilt. You’ll find yourself wondering how many other ways you can enjoy quilting with stripes!

You’ll need just 1-1/4 yd. of striped fabric and Jenny’s excellent instructions for folding your fabric and cutting the block pieces. The folding is a little fussy, but so worth it. This is a fairly small quilt, just 35” before borders, but if you like, enlarging it is quite straight forward. Once your pieces are cut, you can easily follow Jenny’s tips for laying out and stitching together your blocks. You’ll make Square in Square and Criss-Cross blocks for your quilt all from the same fabric. As Jenny says the blocks are “Like a little present every time you open them up!”  Click here for the Quartered Stripes YouTube tutorial.

Image Source: The Quilting Company

Painted Desert Dazzling Stripe Quilt

Quilting with stripes doesn’t have to exclude combos with other fabrics! The gorgeous Painted Desert Stripe Quilt pairs stunning Kaffe Fassett stripes with his awesome leaf prints. A definite win! Shared by The Quilting Company, this lap quilt designed by Sherri Bain Driver is a masterful showcase for striped God’s Eye Blocks. The post contains a link to a helpful PDF pattern that includes hints for becoming “Stripe Savvy”. You’ll learn fussy cutting techniques and how to create various looks in your blocks with differing stripe widths. This is a beautiful quilt that you’ll thoroughly enjoy making! Click here for the Painted Desert Quilt tutorial.

Image Source: Craftsy blog

Quilting With Striped Fabrics

Now that you’re thoroughly addicted to quilting with stripes, I’m sure you’re wanting more! Let’s take a look at Leah Day’s informative Craftsy post. Leah shares five different blocks and two quilt layouts for your quilting pleasure – all using the same striped fabric. You’ll learn to create Woven Four Patch, Mismatching Stripe, Bias Stripe, X-Stripe and Blended Stripe blocks. Turning your fabric stripes in multiple directions is the key and Leah makes it easy. She shares great tips for working on the bias as well as stabilizing a soft fabric. Her tutorial also includes designs for Woven Stripes and Diamond Stripes quilts, so you can choose your favorite! Click here for the Quilting With Striped Fabrics tutorial.

Image Source: Quilt Social

Using Striped Fabrics Effectively

But, wait . . . you’re not done. On the Quilt Social blog, Christine has fabulous tips for you on effective use of stripes in your quilts. She offers special techniques for all different kinds of striped fabrics whether borders, wavy or complex. Not all stripes are created equal and Christine shows you how to make sure they look amazing! You’ll learn how to use stripes in a border along with hints for mitering and joining, plus using stripes in a block or binding. Christine’s post and illustrated steps are perfect for rounding out your education as a stripe master! Click here for the Using Striped Fabrics Effectively tutorial.

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