Rayon or Polyester for Machine Embroidery?

Are you into machine embroidery? Whether you have a computerized machine that produces embroidery from digitized designs or you are creating your own free-motion embroideries, when you choose threads for your designs, you will find rayon and polyester embroidery threads. Which one should you use? There are projects when rayon is the best choice and other projects when polyester is more appropriate. That is why we make both!

There is some confusion. Some authorities discourage using rayon at all because it isn’t safe to use chlorine bleach with rayon, but there are many projects that would be enhanced by the lustrous quality of rayon that will never be bleached! Wall hangings, purses and other accessories, a linen dress or evening gown– the beauty of rayon was meant for these.

Coats Rayon can be laundered without worry– just no chlorine bleach. Use warm water, a gentle cycle and dry immediately. Allowing any textile to stay damp rather than drying it quickly can promote bleeding. Rayon can also be dry cleaned.

When should you use Coats Polyester embroidery thread? Certainly, for any project that will be laundered frequently or may be bleached. Baby items, monogrammed towels or linens, logos on shirts are all best stitched in polyester. Polyester is also an inherently stronger fiber than rayon, so we recommend it if you want to use a shiny thread for machine quilting.

Both threads are 40wt, the size recommended for digitized design. For best results use Coats Bobbin Thread.

6 thoughts on “Rayon or Polyester for Machine Embroidery?

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you, thank you. Never knew about the bleachability of polyester. So appreciate the info! Colorado Peach

  2. James Reply

    In my experience I’ve found rayon has given me the least thread breaks and has held up its color the best. Robison Anton has worked well for me.

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