Retro Camper Art Hoop & Pincushion to Sew

Retro Camper Art finished hoop

Charming and delightful, all the vintage style campers we see on the road today seem to call out loudly – “Let’s Go!” Even if you don’t own one,  you’ll love creating Retro Camper Art. You can surround yourself with that wonderful “out on the road” vibe even if you’re actually at home!

Retro Camper Art Susan Bates hoope

Fabulous Bev from the Flamingo Toes blog designed an adorable piece of Retro Camper Art for our walls that will be a journey of joy. Bits of fabric and trim, easy stitching and fun words are framed in an embroidery hoop we can hang with glee. Along with your fabric choices, you’ll also need interfacing, fusible web, pom pom trim, a little hot glue, a disappearing ink marker and a hoop. This would be a great time to use a Susan Bates hoop. They come in such terrific colors!

You may want to head for your local fabric store and pick a few fat quarters for your work of art or you may have scraps on hand to use. There are so many choices and so many themes you can choose for your Retro Camper Art hoop.

  • Did a family member or friend have a treasured camper that you remember fondly? Honor those memories by choosing fabrics and colors reminiscent of that home away from home.
  • Do you dream of your own glamped out camper? Reinforce your vision and goals by using colors and prints you would love to see in your someday road abode.
  • Have friends recently purchased a pod camper or retro trailer they’re updating? Pick the styling and colors they’ve chosen and create a handmade vacay home warming gift.

Retro Camper Art Hoop cutting pieces

Along with your fabric choices, you’ll also need interfacing, fusible web, pom pom trim, a little hot glue and a disappearing ink marker. Bev suggests you cut out your camper pieces from fabric, then cut and iron fusible web to these pieces.  I always use a non-stitck fusible applique mat when I’m fusing so there’s no possibility of glue residue left on my ironing board, but  I’ve still changed my method over the years. I now fuse to the fabric before I cut out the pieces. Technically “wastes” a little fabric and fusible web, but the ease of doing it this way is well worth it to me. It’s really tough to perfectly cut the web to fit pre-cut pieces.

Retro Camper Art hoop stitching

One of the things I love about Bev’s darling Retro Camper Art hoop is, as she calls it, the “sketchy” stitching that outlines the elements of the design. This involves throwing off your inhibitions and dropping your feed dogs. I heard that gasp, but this is the time to try it and you’re going to love it! Bev suggests that you can do hand embroidery if you prefer, but really, give this a try. To gain confidence, click here for a post I wrote in April on Free Motion Quilting for Beginners.

If you’re a hand stitching novice, Bev includes a link to a tutorial for backstitching the cute words “get out of town”.  You may want to use your own meme or saying. Here are some camping favorites that could work for the pincushion we’re going to make next, too!

  • All who wander are not lost
  • Happy Camper
  • This is just how I roll
  • The joy is in the journey

Make your choice and click here for the Retro Camper Wall Art tutorial.

Retro Camper Art pincushion finished

Carolyn Letten’s adorable Retro Camper Art pincushion will be the perfect addition to your summer sewing supplies! Keep with the same theme as your Hoop Art and use fabrics that coordinate or design something totally different. You’re going to enjoy making this fun accessory and it would be such a great gift, too.There’s a pattern template you can download for your Camper Pincushion. When you click on the link, it will open up a WinZip document that contains templates for several patterns. Scroll down to page 8 and you will find the Camper there.

And, now for the Brit-Speak lesson since this is a pattern from a UK web site.

  • Caravan = Camper or Trailer
  • Card = Cardstock
  • One cm = 0.39370 inches (Click here for sanity saving!)

Now that you speak British well, click here for the Retro Camper Pincushion tutorial.

That’s it for the sewing, but I think you’d enjoy a little more inspiration, so click here to visit a Vintage Camper web site that’s fun to scroll through. And, you’ll need to keep your strength up while you’re sewing, click here for a Strawberry S’mores recipe. Now hit the road and off you sew!


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