Reusable Handmade Wrapping – Sew Your Own Bags and Tags

Reusable Christmas Sacks

Oh, how we love our Christmas morning traditions! Bright-eyed, happy children, gifts opened with shrieks of delight and the HUGE bag of Christmas wrap ready for the garbage. But, wait a minute, do we really have to waste all that paper? Let’s use our sewing super powers to quickly make reusable handmade wrapping and sew our own bags and tags! Come see what I’ve found . . .

Reusable Christmas Sacks
Image Source: Prima Designs

Christmas Motif Sacks

The easy-to-customize reusable handmade wrapping I found on the Prima blog is quick and totally fun to make. The Prima Team gathered an assortment of fabrics, ribbon, buttons and trims to create these charming Christmas Sacks. You’ll be drawing your own motifs or copying them from the internet to use with fusible web, so the possibilities are endless. Prima put together clear, easy steps for you to follow, so you can just enjoy the designing! Click here for the Christmas Motif Sacks tutorial.

Upcycled Sweater Gift Sacks
Image Source: A Homemade Living blog

Upcycled Sweater Sacks

Made from cotton or synthetic cable-knit sweaters, you’ll love the simple process of creating the reusable handmade wrapping I found on the Homemade Living blog. No felting required! Designer Maria suggests gluing or sewing these sweet little bags. We will, of course, be using our sewing superpowers and assembly will still be quick. Maria’s directions are simple and include basic steps. Sweater choice and embellishments will be lots of fun for this super-easy project! The cable-knit sweaters look luscious in this sack, but look for holiday print, stripes or fair isle sweaters, too. Click here for the Upcycled Sweater Sacks tutorial.

Patchwork Gift Bag
Image Source: Jembellish blog

Scrappy Patchwork Gift Bag

Got scraps? Of course you do! Jill of the Jembellish blog put her color-sorted scrap stash to good use with this patchwork reusable handmade wrapping. Choose reds and greens as Jill did or mix it up with any color palette you love. She wisely suggests ironing your scraps first, then outlines cutting squares for the size of bag you need. This beautiful bag is also lined so it’s very reusable! Jill’s easy to follow instructions include a quick, simple method for the drawstring opening. Quick and simple is just what you need for the last few days before Santa arrives! Click here for the Scrappy Patchwork Gift Bag tutorial.

Image Source: AppleGreen Cottage

Fabric Gift Tote in 6 Sizes

Gifts, of course, come in all shapes and sizes as Damjana of the AppleGreen Cottage blog knows well. So, she designed a fabulous pattern for a Fabric Gift Tote you can make in six different sizes and shapes! It’s easy, quick reusable handmade wrapping with a unique, tailored style that’s beginner-friendly. Damjana’s stand-along bags are stitched with her delightfully swift method for boxed corners. A trick you’ll use for other projects, too! Her wonderful Craftsy pattern is full of details and step-by-step images and well worth the nominal fee. Click here for the Fabric Gift Tote pattern information.

Retro-Drawstring- Gift-Card-Bag
Image Source: A Spoonful of Sugar blog

Retro Gift Card Sacks

If you’re giving Gift Cards this year, you’ll love the reusable handmade wrapping I found on the A Spoonful of Sugar blog. Designed by Mother/Daughter team, Lisa and Sarah, it has a retro vibe created from Christmas themed hexagons. Sewn in English Paper Piecing style, the little bags are fully lined and the perfect size for a small gift. A bottle of perfume, essential oils, lip gloss, candy or a Gift Card would be just right! This charming little bag is a re-do of a project the duo designed previously. Their post includes a link to those instructions. Click here for the Retro Gift Card Sacks tutorial.

Handmade Wine Gift Bags
Image Source: Winter Wear Designs blog

Wine Gift Bags

A bottle of wine, cider or spirits is often an appropriate gift and I found reusable handmade wrapping for that, too! Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs used small pieces of fabric to add a creatively personal touch to her bottled gifts. Her pattern includes options for a drawstring or bow closure and lovely embellishment variations. If a cutting machine is part of your sewing room equipment, you’ll love the cut files Suzanne includes! Create the sayings or designs you want to use, gather a few fat quarters and enjoy a quick gift bag making session. Click here for the Wine Gift Bag tutorial.

Handmade Fabric Gift Tags
Image Source: Nana Company blog

Fabric Gift Tags

The adorable Fabric Gift Tags I found on the Nana Company blog will sell you on reusable handmade wrapping forever! Designer Amy’s post is full of cute ideas and includes a link to even more lovely inspiration. There’s a helpful downloadable PDF of tag templates and a step-by-step tutorial link to her friend’s blog. Gather fabrics, fusible interfacing, threads, ribbon and a few other supplies and you’ll be ready for gorgeous tag making. The use of eyelets for the hanging ribbon makes these professional style tags sturdy enough for years and years of re-use! Click here for the Fabric Gift Tags tutorial.

DIY Quilted Gift Tags
Image Source: A Quilter’s Table blog

Quilted Gift Tags

Desperation led Debbie of the A Quilter’s Table blog to create these beautiful tags. What do you do when you’re out of tags and the stores are closed? You stitch up marvelous reusable handmade wrapping, of course! Using fabrics left from a quilting project, Debbie attached them decoratively to paper shipping tags to end her desperation. If you don’t have already quilted bits of fabric laying around, enjoy creating little patchworks you can quilt and use for tags. Click here for the Quilted Gift Tags tutorial.

But I Don’t Have Time to Sew . . .

Even if time is short, reusable handmade wrapping takes the tediousness out of packaging your gifts. They’re actually time savers! Fold the bags flat for storage and you’ll love eliminating that HUGE bag of garbage next to the tree. Handmade bags and tags are a win for any time of the year. And, now that you know how to make beautiful wraps, you’ll enjoy them for every occasion!

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