RicRac Rose Tutorial – For Flowers that Won’t Wilt

Ricrac Rose Sewing Coats and Clark

We can’t help ourselves when we enter the fabric store and stumble upon the trimmings section. Any excuse is a perfect excuse to load up on more trimmings, especially when you know you can get many uses out of it. Check out this tutorial for ricrac roses, a super fast sewing project that will leave you heading to the fabric store to pick up more supplies!

This tutorial comes from a Chinese website, but the tutorial images speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a translation, we used Google Translate (see translation here)  to make sure we weren’t missing anything!

Ricrac Rose Sewing Coats and Clark

Ricrac Rose Sewing Coats and Clark

With just a simple straight stitch to combine two pieces of ricrac, you’re halfway through! A quick wrap to your desired size makes the flower super easy to replicate, especially if you’re making a lot for a collection, party favors, bridesmaids’ gifts, or any other occasion where a ricrac flower might call. This flower has been made into a hairpin, attached to a clip with a simple dab of glue. If you’re not sure where to get these hair attachments, all major craft supply stores will carry them — or you can reuse them from old hair accessories you’re no longer using! We can see these mounted on a flower stem or branch for cute children’s room decor.

Find the full photo tutorial here, and be sure to link us to your photos of your ricrac rose creations!

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