Sew a New Mommy Helper

New Mommies need help! And, we can use our sewing super powers to stitch up a stylish, comfortable New Mommy Helper or two! Read on – you’re going to love the projects I’ve found for new Moms (and Dads) today!

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Infinity Nursing Scarf

Infinity Scarves continue to be a popular, fashionable trend, so incorporating one into a new mom’s breastfeeding routine is perfect! Michelle of the She Knows blog created a nursing cover that doubles as an accessory and is super easy to make. You’ll need a length of lightweight knit fabric, good thread, something to cut with and your sewing machine – that’s it! This is a super-simple New Mommy Gear project that would be a wonderful first sewing project. Michelle’s instructions and step by step photos are terrific and it’s quick and economical to make. You can plan on a whole wardrobe of Infinity Nursing Scarves for Mommy’s closet! Click here for the Nursing Scarf tutorial.

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Nursing Cover with Pockets

Linda of the Craftaholics Anonymous blog designed a very practical Nursing Cover that cleverly includes a helpful little pocket. This is another beginner-friendly, fairly quick to sew project, so plan to make more than one. Linda included boning at the top of the cover for ventilation because a nursing baby can be very warm! You’ll use D rings to make the straps adjustable and about ¾ yard of a fabric that you know Mommy will love. Keep in mind, this is for a new Mom, not for baby, so leave the cutesy prints behind and go with something fashionable. This Nursing Cover is a simple New Mommy Helper design and may be just what you want. But if you’d like something with a little more pizazz, Linda sells the pattern for a ruffled version in her Etsy shop. Click here for the Nursing Cover tutorial.

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Moby Baby Wrap

Alexa of the He and I blog designed this wrap when she realized how expensive a Moby would be to buy. It has three main steps and takes just 2-1/2 yards of knit fabric, so it’s super easy-peezy, too.  You’ll also need a way to cut your fabric, a ruler, good thread and a sewing machine.  I’m a big fan of matching thread, although Alexa says it won’t show on this project. So, splurge and buy yourself a spool of Coats thread when you purchase your fabric. Be sure to follow Alexa’s good instructions for making a secure seam – it’s important for security. She doesn’t have a serger but, if you do, I suggest a four thread overlock stitch. Once you’re done with your Moby, you can follow the links Alexa provides for how to tie it. It’s a little bit tricky, but after a few wearings, New Mommy will be an expert! Click here to learn to make this New Mommy Helper.

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Mei Tai Baby Carrier

You’ve probably seen Mei Tai Carriers in action. They look fabulously secure and comfortable for both baby and Mom or Dad! Jessica of the My Inner Need to Create blog skillfully designed a Mei Tai she could make herself and wrote a wonderful tutorial so you can too. This is an intermediate sewing project that will take a bit of time to make, but it’s well worth it. There are two main sections to the Mei Tai – 1) the straps and 2) the body. You could easily divide these up into several sewing sessions and have one done in a week of evenings or less.

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You’ll need approximately 2 yards of a heavy-weight fabric like canvas or denim and a “pretty print” fabric. If you’re making this for a new Daddy to use, you may want to go with a “handsome” plaid or solid instead. Add some matching thread, a little batting plus a bit of patience and you’re ready to sew. Jessica’s instructions are good and include how to draft your own pattern and add head support if this is for an infant. This Mei Tai Baby Carrier is well worth making and new Mommy will be thrilled that you took the time to make it just for her! Click here for Jessica’s tutorial.

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Mei Tai Dolly Carrier

Older siblings love to be Little Mommies and Daddies when there’s a new baby in the house and they need gear, too! Sarah of the Crazy Tailor blog designed a sweet and fairly simple Mei Tai Dolly Carrier for the new sibling.  It would be a welcome and adorable gift to go with New Mommy’s baby size one!  The Dolly Carrier is less complicated and should make up more quickly than the Mei Tai for baby. Think about matching the fabric you use to the one made for New Mommy. That will be a big hit! Sarah gives instructions for optional quilting of the body piece and I think that’s wise. It will keep the batting from bunching up when washed and you know it’s going to need washing once Little Mommy or Daddy starts using it. You’ll find good directions for tying the carrier on and it works well for a back carrier, too! Click here for the Mei Tai Dolly Carrier tutorial.

Whether you make these as gifts, help a New Mommy learn to sew or are the New Mommy yourself, the warmth of handmade is a wonderful way to welcome a new baby. Every child should know they are loved, and your sewing skills will convey that in helpful, heartfelt style!

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