How to Sew a Circle Pouch from A Little Craft in Your Day

In this post, Courtney from A Little Craft in Your Day shows how to sew a circle pouch.

Hi, Courtney here. Guess what! I am here with the first sewing project of the year, and man is it a good one! I spent some time doing trial and error on it so that I could come up the best tutorial on how to sew a circle pouch and you could just do the fun part- the sewing! In a project like this one, the zipper is one of the most important parts. The Fashion Zipper from Coats was the first thing I picked out and I based the rest off of that. I am in love with how it all came together! It is the perfect little bag to keep things like nail polish in!

 Here’s what you will need:

Click over to A Little Craft in your Day for the How to’s.

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