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Statement Sleeve Knit Top

Statement Sleeves! Whether they’re puffy, bell, fluttery or gathered, they’re just as on trend this year as they were last. The Statement Sleeve is as strong as ever and a total delight for those of us who DIY by sewing our own wardrobe. You can choose classic styles or something with the pizazz of fresh trends.

Anthropologie Statement Sleeves
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Volume is in and the drama of a fabulous sleeve can be added to any design you’d like to sew. You’ll find inspiration everywhere from vintage fashions to modern ready-to-wear. The pictures above are from a popular retailer known for its on-trend, unique clothing. Pair inspiration with a few tips and the excellent tutorials linked below and your year can be a statement of sleeves everywhere you go!

Five Tips for Statement Sleeve Sewing

  1. Choose your fabric carefully. Lightweight fabrics with good drape make the best statement.
  2. Add extra drama with lace, trim, fringe or a contrasting band at seams or hems.
  3. Basic shapes become unique by adding layers, extra gathers or distinct edge finishes.
  4. Think outside the norm by re-fashioning and combining several pieces of clothing into one fabulous garment.
  5. Audition styles by visiting your favorite retail store and trying on ready-to-wear before you sew.
Mimi G Bell Sleeve
Image Source: Mimi G Style

DIY Bell Statement Sleeve

On the Mimi G Style blog, Mimi shares a great tutorial for a bell shape Statement Sleeve. Using her thorough directions, you can take any sleeve pattern from basic to bell-beautiful. It’s a simple slash and spread method that you’ll love using and Mimi makes it easy! Click here for the Bell Sleeve tutorial.

Sleeve Hacks for sewing patterns
Image Source: Melly Sews

Butterfly and Puff Sleeve Hacks

A visit to the Melly Sews blog will increase your Statement Sleeve skill set by two.  Blogger Melissa shares wonderfully detailed illustrations and instructions so you can create a butterfly or puffed sleeve. And, if that’s not enough, check out the flutter sleeve tutorial linked in the post! As in Mimi’s directions, you’ll start with an existing sleeve pattern and follow Melissa’s easy steps for a successful sleeve hack. Click here for the Sleeve Hacks tutorial.

Lace Insert Statement Sleeve
image Source: Running n Style

Lace Insert Statement Sleeve

When you’re ready to go beyond basic Statement Sleeve style, you’ll love this lace insert tutorial. Using a McCall pattern, Renata of the Running n Style blog followed simple steps to create an absolutely elegant sleeve. Choose a silky fabric with good drape to make the most of this sleeve’s gorgeous drama! Click here for the Lace Insert Sleeve tutorial.

Statement Sleeve Knit Top
Image Source: On the Cutting Floor

How to Make a Knit Statement Sleeve Top

A Knit Top with a Statement Sleeve is perfect to throw on with jeans or dress up with a slim skirt. Daniela of On the Cutting Floor designs clothing patterns that she sells, but also offers this fabulous pattern for free on her site. Download the PDF, then follow her super helpful step-by-step tutorial and enjoy stitching up this wonderful design! Click here for the Knit Statement Sleeve Top tutorial.

Refashion a Shirt with Statement Sleeves
Image Source: Trevor Loves Mommy

RTW Statement Sleeve Re-fashion

If you’d like to add a little upscale style to your wardrobe, this is the right project for you! Melissa of the Trevor Loves Mommy blog loves to refashion and wrote a great tutorial for this stunning shirt. A $3 thrift store top and an inexpensive circle skirt team up to create this marvelous top and its amazing sleeve detail. You’ll find yourself looking at all of your ready-to-wear with new eyes after reading Melissa’s directions! Click here for the Statement Sleeve Refashion tutorial.

Sew It!

Whether you start from raw fabrics or combine them with an existing garment, sewing your own Statement Sleeves is all about the fun of making. It’s a great way to make a statement about you, your creativity and your personal style. Wear them often, wear them with confidence and be sure to enjoy the drama!

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    Love all of the inspiration. The ability to make something unique is what makes it fun to sew for yourself.

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      Yes, I’m inspired, too!! Where to start?! Glad you enjoyed the post, Kathryn.

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