A Sew Pretty Kitchen for Mom

Pretty things in the kitchen make every day cooking SO much more pleasant. And, since it’s close to Mother’s Day, a Sew Pretty Kitchen would be just the right gift for Mom!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  William Morris

Image from Nana Company blog

Pretty Little Potholder

Amy of Nana Company blog designed an absolutely beautiful, yet useful potholder and included the quote above. There’s so much potential in this lovely little hand protector and you’re going to love making it for Mom! Put together fabrics, bias binding and ribbon or trim that will suit Mom, then add Insul Bright batting to make this potholder super practical.  Amy includes helpful tips on using Warm Company’s Insul Bright batting and will school you on why it’s so perfect for potholders. She also used one of my favorite tools, quilt basting spray, to hold the layers together so you can stitch without fussing. Since this is a Sew Pretty Kitchen project, I love that Amy’s pot holder features lots of details that you can use to make each one unique. Mom will love it, but so will Grandma, Auntie and you! Click here for the Pretty Potholder tutorial.

Image from A Little Gray blog

Double Oven Potholder

If Mom cooks with a Dutch Oven, cast iron frying pan or a super-size stock pot, she’ll be thrilled with a Double Handed Potholder. Jessica of the A Little Gray blog solved the dilemma of burnt fingers with her easy, attractive design for two handed pot holding. She used terry cloth for the center and a gorgeous print for the hand cover ends. Although, Jessica doesn’t mention Insul Bright batting like Amy used above, I definitely recommend you go with that. It’s really an essential for making a truly protective pot holder. I love the straight line quilting that holds the layers attractively together! To make this Sew Pretty Kitchen project successful for you, Jessica includes two links to binding tutorials. You can do this! Click here for the Double Handed Potholder tutorial.

Image from Lil’ Luna blog

Decorated Tea Towel

This stunning Tea Towel will be the central focus of your Sew Pretty Kitchen for Mom. Guest blogger, Lindsey shared this gorgeous make on the Lil’ Luna blog and her tutorial is outstanding. It’s one of those “wow” projects that looks like so much more work than it is, so yes, you can make several in just a couple of hours. The step by step cutting instructions and wonderful fabric placement diagram Lindsay included make this towel so doable. Her Prairie Point how-to is super easy to follow, so you’ll now feel quite at ease with these pretty, pointy pieces. Click here for the Decorated Tea Towel tutorial.

Image from Patchwork Posse blog

Patchwork Plastic Bag Holder

All those stray plastic bags can be corralled in prettiness and Mom will be so grateful! Becky of the Patchwork Posse blog designed this Plastic Bag Holder appropriately constructed of patchwork. Becky includes links to three different patchwork techniques so you can choose the one that Mom will love the best. The holder is a simple tube with a hole at the top and bottom, so you can have a lot of fun choosing your design. I definitely suggest that you select a super sturdy ribbon or trim for the bag hanger. “Bags in, bags out and repeat” can be stressful! The Plastic Bag Holder is also a decluttering tool for a Sew Pretty Kitchen. When it’s full, you know it’s time to stop saving bags! Click here for Becky’s fun tutorial.

Images from Free Spirit Fabrics

Thoughts on Appliance Covers and More

So, let’s talk about appliance covers. While it’s not practical to cover every small appliance on the counter, a few covers are a must for a Sew Pretty Kitchen. Tools  like mixers and toasters should be covered though, so dust and spills don’t invade areas that contain food when they’re in use. The two cover tutorials I chose are well-constructed, but they use rather ordinary prints with no added embellishments. That may be just what Mom needs, but if plain sounds boring, consider adding some of the design elements offered in the tutorials above. Purchase a yard or so of coordinating prints and make a matched set of accessories uniquely Mom inspired. And, if you need a little help, check out the prints from Kaffe Fassett’s Spring 2017 Collection for Free Spirit Fabrics. They’re amazing!

Image from The Heart of Mary blog

Stand Mixer Cover

This is a thick, sturdy cover that holds it’s shape, protects well and will actually stand on it’s own. Australian blogger Corinne of The Heart of Mary blog designed this cover for a 5 quart Kitchen Aid, but you can easily tweak it to fit whatever Mom owns. Corinne dubs this a “mini-tutorial” since it doesn’t include step by step photos. Her instructions and cutting steps are good, though and you’ll still be able to put together a cover with ease. Just keep in mind that a meter is about 40” when you’re purchasing fabrics and refer back to the binding tips in the potholder posts above. Click here for the Mixer Cover tutorial.

Image from Charley, Dee & Me blog

Toaster Cover

The Toaster Cover I found on the Charley, Dee & Me blog is similar to the Stand Mixer Cover, but includes the charming element of piping. You may want to add this to the Mixer cover-up, too. There’s no quilting involved, but you could definitely add that and it would contribute to the sturdiness of the cover. Both covers would be great in scrappy splendor! Think about using the Bag Holder patchwork techniques to create your own fabric. Click here for the Toaster Cover tutorial.

Sewing, making and appreciation are the vital elements of these Sew Pretty Kitchen Projects for Mom. Bake a batch of her favorite cookies, deliver them with these wonderful accessories and let Mom know that you would be nowhere without her. Have a happy Mother’s Day sew!

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