10 Quick Kid’s Costumes to Sew

Halloween is close but, don’t panic. You can still make a quick kid’s costume and I’ve found 10 that you will love!  After carefully studying the USA Today list of most popular costumes, I found tutorials that are just what you need. From superheroes to princesses to pirates, they’re quick, clever and easy to make. Adjust sizes if you need to and stitch up some super costume magic!

Image Source: Melly Sews

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is top of the list for millions of empowered little girls this year. Melissa of Melly Sews designed the perfect transformation for this quick kid’s costume! You’ll love Melissa’s techniques for creating a quick tu-tu and cape, along with fabulous instructions for boot covers. Melissa is quite skillful with craft materials and used them to create the belt, arm bands, tiara and more. Click here for the Wonder Woman tutorial.

Image Source: My Poppet blog

Raven of Teen Titans

If your spooky sweetie is a budding cosplayer, Raven of Teen Titans will be just right for this year’s tricking and treating.  You’ll combine a handmade hooded cape with a purchased leotard and thrift store boots. Cintia of the My Poppet blog designed and made this stunning costume quickly, so it’s perfect for last minute styling. Rather than a precise pattern, Cintia’s cape tutorial includes the method she used to develop her pattern. This makes it easy to adapt for any size child or even you! Click here for the Raven tutorial.

Image Source: Fleece Fun blog

Princess Leia

Star Wars is on the top ten list this year, too! Your littles can quickly become Princess Leia by donning this simple fleece gown designed by guest blogger Jess on the Fleece Fun blog. It’s easy and will make your stitching time light speed quick! A little fleece, a little hook and loop tape and a bit of faux leather are all you need. Sewn and not hemmed if you’re short on time – because fleece doesn’t ravel! Click here for the Princess Leia tutorial.

Image Source: Fleece Fun blog


Adorable it is! Craft a super cool hat and robe from quick and easy to sew fleece and the force will be with your little Jedi all night long. Once again designed by the talented, Jess for the Fleece Fun blog, Yoda’s hat is based on a basic Halloween Hat from a free PDF download link. It’s darted for a great “stays-on” fit! You’ll complete this quick kid’s costume look with a soft, easy to stitch fleece robe. No droid required! Click here for the Yoda tutorial.

Image Source: Inspiration Made Simple blog

Queen Elsa & Princess Anna

Disney Queens and Princesses rank high on the list of “most popular costumes” every year. If your littles just can’t “let it go” the Elsa and Anna aprons designed by Sarah of the Ruffles and Rain Boots blog will be perfect! Each apron is a quick kid’s costume that’s simply charming. Great for trick or treating and beyond!

Image Source: Ruffles and Rain Boots blog

Using a purchased child-size apron as a base, Sarah added tulle, satin and trims to create these princess-worthy tie-ons. Click here for the Queen Elsa Apron tutorial on the Inspiration Made Simple blog. Click here for the Princess Anna Apron tutorial on Sarah’s own blog.

Image Source: Sewing Rabbit blog

Mermaid Ariel

Pretty, scarlet-haired, Ariel is always a popular princess dress up, too! Celina from the Sewing Rabbit blog team posted a marvelous video tutorial to help you create her magical, under-sea style. Materials are simple – several mer-tail shades of organza and a small length of knit fabric for the top. You’ll add a few purchased items and your little mer-girl will be ready to swim.   Click here for the Ariel costume tutorial.

Image Source: Sincerely Jean blog


Pixie Dust and a little wishing make this simple, quick kid’s costume a darling! Using a pre-made dress as a pattern and Patti’s helpful hints, you’ll quickly cut and stitch green knit fabric for Tink’s famous frock. Thorough Patti of the Sincerely Jean blog includes sparkling tips for shoes and hair, too. Click here for the Tinkerbell tutorial.

Image Source: Tikkido blog

Peter Pan Shadow

Oh, my, this is so clever! Anyone can be Peter Pan, but how many kids get to be his shadow? A length of black felt is the basis for the delightful, fantasy costume designed by Nicole of the Tikkido blog. You’ll quickly stitch up a hat, tunic and sword using Nicole’s great tutorial. To complete the look, you’ll need a morph suit (linked in the post), but a purchased tee and leggings would work just fine, too.  Click here for the Peter Pan Shadow tutorial.

Image Source: Crazy Happy blog

Jack Sparrow

Pirates are always near the top of the popular costumes list and who better to become than Jack Sparrow!?! This is a wonderful costume you can create with plenty of attention to detail. To make it a quick kid’s costume, though, use what works for you and leave the rest for another year. Crystal’s tutorial on her Crazy Happy blog gives marvelous hints on hair, makeup and the accessories that complete the look. Click here for the Jack Sparrow tutorial.

Image Source: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body blog


If you’re totally out of time, but craving clever and adorable, how about a burlap hat topped, tulle-ful scarecrow?! Tasha shared this quick kid’s costume on her Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body post and you’re going to love her ingenuity. Tasha’s nicely illustrated instructions will help you quickly create costumes that will be truly outstanding in their field. (Yep, that’s a pun!) Click here for the Scarecrow tutorial.

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