Sew Your Own Road Trip Games

Road Trip Games checkers

Don’t you just love a Summer Road Trip? There’s something magical about loading the family in the car and taking off down the road! Ineveitably, though, you start to hear little voices shattering the magic.  “Are we there yet?” “Mom, I’m bored!” “Dad! Olivia’s touching me!”  But, you, talented, skilled sewist, can keep the magic going with Road Trip Games that you’ve sewn. Pack them up in a perky, new tote and you’ll have a winning combo for a successful trip!

Road Trip Games deck holder finished with cards

Deck of Cards Holder

Road Trip Games should always include cards and I’m sure your littles have several favorites. Sadly, the lightweight cardboard boxes cards come in often disintegrate after just one or two openings by little hands. A handmade Deck of Cards holder will solve that problem and Stacy Vaughn has the perfect thing for us on her blog!

Road Trip Games deck holder finished 2

You’ll need simple supplies – outer and inner fabrics and interfacing. The holder is simple and charming when finished and will be quick to sew. As Stacy suggests, be sure you try the box of cards in the holder before you add the lining to be sure it’s not too snug. I think the hair tie/button closure is so clever! Click here for the Deck of Cards Holder tutorial.

Road Trip Games checkers in bag

Travel Checkers Board

Next let’s add Checkers and a Checker Board to your tote of travel treasures! Board games can be played on a lap desk in the car or a picnic table when you get to your destination. Dana of the Made Everyday blog used felt for the board and checkers so they won’t slide around while you’re on the move.

Road Trip Games checkers backside

Although Dana’s instructions are based on Checkers, she suggests several other games that could be stitched up, too. You may want to have checkers on one side and another family favorite on the back.  I love the way Dana assembled the checker board. Starting the squares in a corner and working diagonally across the board will make it easy to keep your rows fairly straight. Although, as she says in the tutorial, part of the charm and delight of handmade is that it isn’t perfect! Click here for the Travel Checkers tutorial.

Road Trip Games tic tac toe finished

Tic Tac Toe Bag and Board

Back over on Stacy Vaughn’s blog I found an adorable little Tic Tac Toe Bag/Board. I love the way Stacy made the outside of the bag into the board so it’s uber compact. She used small stones for playing pieces, but you could make felt ones as you saw above in the Checker Board tutorial. Maybe every time you take a trip, the kids will find something new to use as playing pieces – whatever makes it engaging and enjoyable! Click here for the Tic Tac Toe tutorial.

Road Trip Games travel bingo bag

Travel Bingo

You’ll want to stitch up a cute little bag or sleeve for these Road Trip Games. Other than that you’ll just click, print and laminate! Liz of the Say Yes blog and her sister, Becca, designed these adorable Travel Bingo cards and created a free download for you. Each child may want their own set, so be sure to print several. Add a few dry erase markers to the bag and you have a great way to not only entertain, but increase observation skills as you explore the highways. Click here and download the Travel Bingo cards for free!

Road Trip Games checkers with kids

Now wasn’t that great?! And it only took time at the sewing machine, a few supplies and your resourceful skills to create what you’ll need for a successful, fun filled Road Trip. Now you’re ready to get your kicks out there on Route 66 or whichever road you choose!

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