Sew a Warm Heart Pillow

While we’re still in the season of love, hearts everywhere just seems right. These beautiful pillows will warm your home in their own special way and they’re delightful to sew. Lean your head or your back against a handmade Heart Pillow and suddenly the world seems brighter!

Image Source: Imagine Gnats blog

Patchwork Heart Pillow

Quilters will love this Patchwork Heart Pillow, but it’s easy enough for non-quilters, too. Rachael of the Imagine Gnats blog included excellent instructions for the reverse applique and quilt-as-you-go techniques in her design. It’s a beautiful tutorial and you’ll learn all kinds of tips.

You’ll need just ½ yard of the main fabric along with small bits of fabric and a square of fleece or batting. If you haven’t done reverse applique before, you’re in for a treat. Rachael’s steps are an easy to follow introduction that will definitely lead you to success.  Click here for the Patchwork Heart Pillow tutorial.

Image Source: Blue Susan Makes blog

Bursting Heart Pillow

This stunning technique is amazing. Who would have known that Amy Butler fabrics could look even more gorgeous than they already do! Sarah from Blue Susan Makes put her own twist on a free Amy Butler design she links in her post. It’s a charming applique method that she outlines with great detail for you to follow. You’ll choose coordinating prints or solids, create a heart or other shape, then chop it up following Sarah’s tips. “Bursting” the heart will be exciting and no two pillows will ever look the same! You’ll appreciate the detailed tips for cutting, stitching and finishing the pillow front. Sarah used a linen-look fabric to surround her heart, but one of the lovely Free Spirit Designer Solids would be fabulous, too. Click here for the Bursting Heart Pillow tutorial.

Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

Heart Pennant Pillow

A charming Heart Pennant Pillow or Bolster may be just what you need to add a little love to your décor! Amy of the Diary of a Quilter blog designed a clever, yet easy and trendy heart pillow that you’ll definitely enjoy. Her template was drawn from an online shape she found and helpfully links in the tutorial to make it easy for you. You’ll need small pieces of pennant fabric and a background that you love plus a bit of fusible web.

After following Amy’s fusing directions, you’ll machine stitch the edges of your hearts. She chose a straight stitch, but a machine button hole stitch or other decorative choice would be pretty, too. For the hand stitching of the pennant string, Coats Bold Hand Quilting Thread would be marvelous. It’s a little heavier 10 weight and will stand out well. Amy also teaches you a clever way to make your “string” look like it runs right through the pennant hearts. So fun! Click here for the Pennant Heart Pillow tutorial.

Image Source: Sewing Rabbit blog

Easy Heart Pillow

If you’re short on Heart Pillow sewing time, choose this easy design from Jess of the Sewing Rabbit blog. With just one yard of fabric and a few scraps of felt, you can quickly create a warm and cozy pillow! Jess is fun to follow and offers all the steps you’ll need to sew up a lovely pillow full of heart. Try varying the size of the heart and stitching up several pillows to cover the sofa or bed! Jess used poly-fil stuffing for her pillow padding, but you may want to create yours as a cover(s) for existing pillows. It’s always fun to change out pillows for a swift décor update! Click here for the Easy Heart Pillow tutorial.


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