Sewing Beautiful Buttonholes

Get out those unfinished projects, select your thread and get ready to make absolutely beautiful buttonholes!

It’s happened to all of us who sew. We start with gorgeous fabric and an amazing pattern, sew it up and then freeze when it’s time for the buttonholes. So, let’s solve that! Whether you need help with the basics or a virtual friend to help you troubleshoot, I’ve found lots of help for you today. You can sew buttonholes, keep smiling and wear them with pride!

Image Source: Tilly and the Buttons blog

Basic One-Step Buttonholes

Starting with the basics will be our first stop on the road to beautiful buttonholes. Tilly of the Tilly and the Buttons blog posted a wonderful step-by-step tutorial for one-step buttonholes. Tilly’s tips and easy steps will give you confidence no matter what machine you own! From inserting the button, to lining up your buttonholes and, positioning the fabric under the foot – stick with Tilly. Even a total sewing machine newbie will be able to follow her simple basics! The post includes a video link, plus a link to a four-step buttonhole post if that’s what your machine offers.Sharing from her experience as a pattern designer and Great British Sewing Bee participant Tilly ends with terrific troubleshooting tips including how to safely open your buttonholes.  Click here to read Tilly’s wonderful tutorial.

Image Source: Closet Case Files blog

Perfectly Beautiful Buttonholes

Now that we’re beyond the basics, let’s follow Heather Lou of the Closet Case Files blog. Her post will teach you to create perfectly beautiful buttonholes. Pattern designer Heather takes an easy to follow approach to banishing buttonhole anxiety! She begins with assembling the best tools and which ones you really need. You’ll learn about tool friends that will make your buttonhole life easy, like the expanding sewing gauge for even spacing. Heather Lou explains the importance of interfacing your buttonholes and helps you decide the best one to use. If you’re loving the “sew your own jeans” trend, you’ll really appreciate her awesome guide to sewing jeans buttonholes, too! Click here for the Perfect Buttonholes post.

Image Source: Threads Magazine blog

Embellishing Buttonholes with Machine Embroidery

On the Threads Magazine blog, I found a post on embellishing buttonholes with machine embroidery. You’ll be able to achieve true beauty with the wonderful step-by-step instructions from Jennifer of JStern Designs! You’ll learn how to mark placement, use the correct stabilizer and topper and properly hoop your project. Jennifer used a machine embroidery design that includes a buttonhole – check your stitches to see if you have one, too. If you don’t have that kind of stitch available, she also gives tips for adding embroidery separately to your buttonhole. Be sure to read the “post comments” for more valuable tips and instructions from Jennifer! You’ll appreciate her hints on stitching buttonholes on knits, too. If you’re not embroidering, be sure to use Coats and Clark Eloflex Stretch Thread for all your knit sewing machine work including buttonholes! Click here for Jennifer’s Embellished Buttonholes post.

Image Source: Taunton Press

Fixing Bungled Buttonholes

If things totally don’t go according to plan, you’ll love the other post I found on the Threads Magazine blog! It’s an excerpt on buttonholes from the Taunton Press Sewing 911 book. Author, Barbara Deckert will become your virtual buttonhole best friend as you learn how to sew your way out of a disaster zone. Start by pulling out the projects you’ve tossed to the back of the WIP drawer. You can fix those little or not so little boo-boos with Barbara’s fabulous tips! Opened your buttonhole a little too far? Made it a bit too big? Botched a bound or knit fabric buttonhole? Barbara’s got your sewing back! And, those buttonholes that seem to have gone beyond repairable? She has solutions for those, too! Click here for the Bungled Buttonholes post on the Taunton Press Threads blog.

See, it’s not so bad after all! Beautiful buttonholes can become your specialty. Hold your thread and button in your right hand and repeat after me . . . I will not fear buttonholes. I will make beautiful buttonholes with a smile, wear them with pride. And repeat!

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